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  1. Great thanks I’ll check it out , I’m due for a solo vacation ! Stoked
  2. Stupid question , what’s the ccc , who can attend , and where does it go down ?
  3. Like I said , I’m in , totally new . Will we need coffee and breakfast stuff ? I’ve got some awesome sausage, dark roast , and bread at work . Also if you need a pre bait I live in brookline if you’re planning on the Boston side of the Charles
  4. Cool dude I ended up eith a pro logic net from big carp , I appreciate the tip !
  5. That first photo was of a carp i landed while not targeting carp, since then i always keep the yoga mat with me! they can really hurt themselves , and i want them to be able to get bigger. i've ordered an unhooking mat/floating bag to make the whole process easier. i fish in really tight pockets on the river, and don't have a lot of room to setup, but i found something that will work well. i haven't fished the Merrimack, but all my bass buddies tell me they see them sunning/top-feeding in the morning, so i'll have to hit it up. I did a short session two weeks back at 2:00 am on the Sudbury river in Wayland, but got spooked by what i think was a Coyote and i basically ran back to my car with pegs and rods and haven't gone back since- i think i'll have to find a carp-buddy to fish that spot so late, pretty spooky.
  6. i fished Spy Pond last weekend, granted i had my son & wife so i was only there a couple hours, w/ no pre-bait. no carp caught, or sited. but it's a big body of water, and there was a high-pressure moving in, so i'll definitely give it another shot. theres lots of room to setup , cast, and hangout so it would be an ideal spot to fish, if i caught fish
  7. No idea, let me know if you have any luck, i'll have to head up there.
  8. your stories are awesome, i recognize a few of the local venues, can't wait to do some more exploring! keep it up

  9. Not all that much action on this forum, but figured i should introduce myself correctly. Been fishing since i was a tiny person, now i'm teaching my son how to fish. Started targeting carp about three months ago, i basically only night fish after i get out of work. Completely hooked. Joined this group to learn more about carp, tackle, fish-habit, baits, etc. I've got two mad dragon 12' 3oz rods, daiwa baitrunners 3200 with 20 # mono, some terrible bite alarm( ngt, thanks amazon), and some basic terminal tackle. My first ever pva bags arrive tommorow from Wacker, which i'm stoked about. I mainly have only fished the charles, and being at night, i've been booted out of alot of good spots by the state police, although they were cool about it. Looking for new spots to fish, maybe people to fish with, and advice on how to improve my carp-game. Taking a trip with my boss ( wife) down to rhode island this weekend, my buddy from pawtucket tells me they have some big fish down there, looking forward to a few hours a fishing. Favorite bait- feed corn with pack bait ( sesame, corn puree & solids, dried apricot, cinnamon , corn meal & oats. I love setting it on a inline method feeder, but i keep losing them in all the snags, so i've switched to pear/swivel weights with a hair rig , has been working well. ( truffle & paprika works well too) - i've found pre-baiting to be an absolute key to hooking up, i throw out bits of bait at one spot i fish regularly, and when time allows i'll bait somewhat heavily and hour before . i'm in restaurants and have giant bread mixer for making excellent batches of pack bait/chum, and i've started messing around with boilies ( we have a pasta machine that creates awesome farce-sausages, that can be rolled into balls quickly) . my first question- a net- i have a terrible expandable net i got from china on amazon ( bad idea) and i landed a 22 # common last night, could barely get it in the net, and if he had run again, i would have lost his beautiful-ass. Whats a decent, entry level net , and where can i get it without paying millions of dollars in shipping from the UK ( wacker is out of stock). i'm lucky enough to get to fish almost 5 nights a week for a few hours, so i'd like to get something that will hold up. thanks, i hope this was a standard enough intro, let me know if i left anything out. happy fishing jordo * i also have never taken a selfie in my life until these fish photos, i'll work on it.
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