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    Fishing for CARP when I can get time. Looking after my Grandchildren. I now have 6, 3 here in US and 3 in UK

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    Tampa Florida
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  1. davidhulley

    Please Let Us Know When You Recieve Your Naca Calendar

    Thank you... nice one got it 12/30/11... Florida...
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR thanks for the info... just joined... mag looks great... do you still get the free B's that come with some of the mags...
  3. davidhulley

    new member from massachusetts

    welcome Mike... David
  4. davidhulley

    Apalachicola Hauling, part II

    Well done young Lady Thank you for the write-up... What bait where the carp taking...
  5. davidhulley

    Ducks eating my maze - how do I stop this?

    get a good BB gun and stock your freezer up... duck are good eats
  6. davidhulley

    Snakehead needs rescueing

    Send it to Nancy to save along with her salt marsh rats
  7. davidhulley

    Rod Shipping

    UPS or FedX they will call at your mum and dads with the labels etc get paid buy your folks and your rods are on the way got mine in 3 days... The post office won't ship (or didn't 6 years ago) Get some 3 inch or 4 inch wide plastic rod tubes you will get 2 rods in each maybe 3. tape up the end caps with good tape... Can't remember the cost think it was about 35 quid... All the best mate...David
  8. davidhulley

    The Ol Captain's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Horace
  9. davidhulley

    new memeber

    Welcome and enjoy... Glad you're on-board...
  10. davidhulley

    new member (CAN)

    Nice mirror and welcome aboard
  11. davidhulley

    New user from Austria

    Welcome Mate glad you found CAG...
  12. To late mate I expired a long time ago, I just won't lie down