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    Fishing for CARP when I can get time. Looking after my Grandchildren. I now have 6, 3 here in US and 3 in UK

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR thanks for the info... just joined... mag looks great... do you still get the free B's that come with some of the mags...
  2. Well done young Lady Thank you for the write-up... What bait where the carp taking...
  3. get a good BB gun and stock your freezer up... duck are good eats
  4. Send it to Nancy to save along with her salt marsh rats
  5. Welcome and enjoy... Glad you're on-board...
  6. Welcome Mate glad you found CAG...
  7. To late mate I expired a long time ago, I just won't lie down
  8. got mine today, all the way down here in sunny florida, thanks. i've even had chance to read some of it. you look like the kid who had all his christmasses and birthdays all at one time ... nice one doc... i like the article on the lady carp anglers, i am trying to get my wife to start carp fishing, she will fish with one of my elasticated poles (i have to put the bait on the hook and take the fish off ) this article just might encourage her thank you ladies
  9. Did anyone see the article in Field and Stream April edition, about the ACS Tournament of Champions, quite a good article. They have posted the article along with some good photos on their WEB site. You might see yourself.
  10. Just great, now I can see the photies without me glasses
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