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  1. Andrey

    2014 CAG Big 4 - Questions?

    Thank a lot, guys. After upgrading to latest version of IE - everything works. Was getting js error in IE 8.
  2. Andrey

    2014 CAG Big 4 - Questions?

    I'm sorry, may be it's just me, but i can't see Big 4 event results.
  3. Andrey

    NJ Fish In 4-19-14

    Count me in...
  4. Andrey

    Fish In

    So... who is coming? Planning to be there around 6am
  5. Andrey

    Fish In

    Will be there...
  6. Andrey

    CC Moore Liquid Food question

    Brian, Thanks again. I’m planning to use them in a stick mix, so thinking to prepare mix at home, and take small amount of liquid with me
  7. Andrey

    CC Moore Liquid Food question

    Thanks a lot, Brian! Got some from BCT and planning to use over this weekend. Hope they will work)))
  8. Hey, guys Does anyone know how to keep CC Moore liquid food such as Bloodworm Extract, Chilli Hemp oil, Tiger nut extract fresh? Do I have to put them in the fridge or just shelve it? Thanks, Andrey
  9. Andrey

    Fish In 2012

    I'm in!!!
  10. Andrey

    New Personal Best

    Congrats!!! Keep them coming!!!
  11. Andrey

    Ny Cag Shirts

    Name: Andrey Tsalkovich Size: Large Quantity: 2 E-mail: andreyt@optonline.net
  12. Andrey

    Bait Lot

    During Long Island fish-in last year, those Monster Crab out fished all other baits – tigers, maze, sweet corn… you name it. Later during summer got my new PB on Extreme Fish. May be it’s just a coincidence, may be not…
  13. Andrey

    Fish In,

    If everything goes ok, I’ll be there. I’ll try to work out my job schedule, so I can help with prebaiting.