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  1. Great prizes , the 10$ gamble is definitely worth it .
  2. I'd say pretty trashy lol
  3. So any of you boys fish the 1st day??? if yes how'd yall do??
  4. REALLY COOL STUFF!!!!! love the one with the duck in stomach . Great pics , thanks for sharing !!
  5. Love the last pic girthy grassy !!! always a crowd pleaser .
  6. +2 , said avail on 31st?? Lookin to get my truck packed , would like to have it to mount on scale .
  7. Btw Austin , see yours and mines pb is stuck on 37.06lbs , if you can top me in this comp (pb) I'll send you 20lbs boilies , courtesy of THINK carp . Flavor your choice , trus me I can make anything .
  8. O.K. , no trashtalk I'm gonna keep it real and I'll rank out somewhere in the top 20 with four slightly above average fish . Jus gonna keep my trash talk honest lol .
  9. Well done , when you wanna take a trip to n.y. and show how to pull one out of the Huddy ?
  10. Nothing to say simply stunned!!!! Dan the master!!!!!
  11. Great fish dude , next up 30 lbs
  12. Thanks man , cant keep track in my head and figure it out
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