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  1. Two Lifetime Tamarack Angler Kayaks for sale. 10 foot, olive green, one man sit-on Kayak for fishing or general boating. Capacity 275 pounds. Lightly used but in very good condition. Will sell separately at $299 each or the pair for $549. Buyer collects - location Greenwich CT, just off I95. Full Details at:- Link
  2. Hairrigger

    Nj Fish In Dates And Venues

    Best of luck guys!
  3. Hairrigger

    Chubb Carp Cradle - Mint Condition

  4. Hardly used and in mint condition with cover. Cost $89 - will accept $45 ono. If you are interested PM me and I can calculate the shipping - its pretty bulky (which is why I am selling). Laurence (Hairrigger)
  5. Hairrigger

    Nj Fish In Dates And Venues

    Doesn't look like I will be able to make this one. Should be a good day. Last 4 sessions I've been I've caught! Good luck! Laurence
  6. Hairrigger

    Nj Fish In Dates And Venues

    Show of hands for Sep 22nd at Mercer County Lake? There's a limited number of pegs by the Olympic Rowing Center - more in the park itself. Cheers Laurence
  7. Hairrigger

    Nj Fish In Dates And Venues

    Coming up this Saturday - DOD. Who can make it? Laurence
  8. Hairrigger

    Fish Of A Lifetime!

    Matt - surely well deserved - you are the NJ star fishing king!!! Good news for New Jersey too! Brilliant!!!
  9. Hairrigger

    Nj Oct 15Th Fish In

    Unfortunately although the conditions were near perfect, I didn't see a fish all day. The park was very quiet until mid-afternoon. Even then only one ME showed up. Hopefully better luck next Saturday. Laurence
  10. Hairrigger

    Nj Fish In's 2011

    Haven't been out for ages!
  11. Hairrigger

    Dc Fish In May 14Th And 15Th

    A great fun two days and some good stories - see Craig's post. Thanks Mark for organizing and cooking - the Polish sausage was yummy! And thanks to Moon for the spicy chicken which was also yummy! And thanks to Craig for kindly sharing the pot Oh and special thanks to Hoppy for landing that 29lb lump on one of my rods out of the basin - best fish I've seen there for a long time! Pictures to follow. Cheers Laurence
  12. Hairrigger

    First 40! 42Lbs 2Oz

    Brilliant Matt!!! Puts a whole new light on New Jersey and gives us all hope. Laurence
  13. Hairrigger

    Nj Fish In's 2011

    Tides look good for an early start - low tide around 6am! We need to get as many spots filled before any MEs arrive guys and they are already very active! Laurence
  14. Hairrigger

    Dc Fish In May 14Th And 15Th

    Hi Mark - count me in - can't make Baldy this year so I'll be there. Happy Birthday by the way. Laurence
  15. Hairrigger

    15th Annual DC Fall Fish In

    Mark I won't be there early Saturday - probably by mid-day - but I will be there for the rest of the fun and games. Save me some fish! Cheers Laurence