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  1. With all the fish this guy caught...how come he isn't president yet?

  2. No you fool, that's Keith. I just make sure the job is a good-en after he has done it.
  3. Karl, I've come as far as anyone with no talent could in carp fishing. Therefore I've given up carp fishing, knowing that I am the worlds best, and have taken up duck hunting instead. I will now be found shooting at my old alarms.. R PS. PM me, you never told me how you got on after I phoned you.
  4. No, that didn't work Karl, I'm a much better fisherman than you now. R
  5. Ricky Please refresh my memory............................ How many carp have you caught this year? ................Or last year for that matter!! How many of those have been 30lb fish? He who laughs first................. Karl Aside from Austin, which I didn't go to. I've out fished you every single time this year. R
  6. I can second what Zach has just posted. I have the same model.......................The best thing I have bought for Carp fishing to date!!! Well comfy!! Karl Good job because all you do is sleep anyhow On a more serious note, I have said bedchair and I also think it rocks! Set it up on very uneven ground and got a nice kip on it. I also got my baiting needle.....nice bit of kit that! R
  7. Far too complicated for him mate. Anyway he definately ordered some Mainlines today (Essential Opal), so maybe he is thinking of going to Austin!!!! As he doesn't go here in California!! You know what he is like! Karl I'll wait for him to phone tech support of the scan company to ask how to do it and then of the e-mail company to e-mail the attachment. I'm off to Jennings this weekend for my 20 from Jennings.. I'll let you know how I do. Ricky
  8. No, if you are going to the trouble of faxing it, then scan it and e-mail it to me RickyB
  9. RichB


    He sent an e-mail to the ACS members saying it would be 'up and down' over the next 24 hours while they change parts of the website. RickyB
  10. Aye, nice one. Will look into getting something in 2005, as that is the next time I am fishing...although I might sneak one in at the end of December. RickyB
  11. Great Paul, thanks for letting us know!
  12. Yeah..please remove all of mine and I would recommend just leaving Keith's original post. R
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