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  1. FS: Used Fox A Pod Plus with Carry Case

    Send a mail to gonefishingsalmon@yahoo.com
  2. TUF Line XP Braid

    It's called J- Braid 8 stran made in japan by Daiwa. Most of the bigger stores have it already. The smaller bait stores are ordering now for spring season.

    Hi Bill, i am not going to make it on Saturday. Hope you have good turn out and a successful event. See you on the bank. Josef Settele
  4. WTB Greys' STALKING 7

    Hi, try to contact madcummer he might be able to help you. He used to be associated with greys.
  5. OK Minnesotans what day works best for fish in?

    Hi, I am in.
  6. Hook link & Leadcore lot

    E mail sent.
  7. Hook link & Leadcore lot

    Hi, misspelled, the correct e mail is gonefishingsalmon@yahoo.com
  8. Hook link & Leadcore lot

    Hi, I will take it. Email me at gonefishing salmon@yahoo.com Thx
  9. Help me cast 100yrds

    Hi Jaffar, I live back on lake minnetonka in minnesota again. Let's get together sometime and I can show you some technics. Send me pm with your phone number to get in touch. Josef Settele
  10. Guys have fun, Larry have a good event, maybe next year i can help again.
  11. FS: 3X Greys X-Flite rods

    $500 plus shipping.
  12. FS: 3X Greys X-Flite rods

    $550 plus shipping.
  13. FS: 3X Greys X-Flite rods

    $600 + Shipping.
  14. FS: 3X Greys X-Flite rods

    $650 + shipping for the set of the 3 rods and an extra tip.
  15. FS: Daiwa Emblem Pro