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  1. It's called J- Braid 8 stran made in japan by Daiwa. Most of the bigger stores have it already. The smaller bait stores are ordering now for spring season.
  2. Hi Bill, i am not going to make it on Saturday. Hope you have good turn out and a successful event. See you on the bank. Josef Settele
  3. Hi Jaffar, I live back on lake minnetonka in minnesota again. Let's get together sometime and I can show you some technics. Send me pm with your phone number to get in touch. Josef Settele
  4. Guys have fun, Larry have a good event, maybe next year i can help again.
  5. Yesterday, i read the new 2013 Minnesota Fishing Regulations and came across page 16. Littering of any material, including parts of fish or other animals, and depositing rubbish, poisonous substances, or chemical harmful to aquatic life into public waters, onto ice, or lake or stream is illegal. "Chumming (depositing fish parts or other material into public waters to attract fish) is unlawful. That's really sucks!
  6. I have 2 Gardner Rolaball Longbase boilie rollers, let me know if you interested.
  7. Gilbert, Is that a distance or accuracy contest? Thanks, Josef Settele
  8. Its nice too see it came from a big natural lake 229sq miles 9 miles wide and 48 miles long. As far as the gentics goes, some eastern european fish farmers using a technice that produce fish with incredible growth rates but they are sterile.
  9. Wow beautiful scenery, your are a adventurer and pioneer. I hope i can make it down to mexico again soon. It's been 8 years since my last trip. Love the area around puelbla.
  10. Congrats, nice fish glad you have some time for a long session.
  11. Will you be prefishing the lake?? What do you plan on doing different this year?? Tom. No, I would try some paylake methods but I can't find a partner. You and Colin fished too well.
  12. I'm looking for a partner for dave's tournament on Lake Hominy in April. I fished it last year. Let me know asap. Thanks Josef Settele
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