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  1. Congratulations to Tim Marshall who won the Deeper Pro + Sonar Package in the CAG Membership draw!
  2. It would be nice if you joined CAG as member and help promote CAG in your videos
  3. So... After trying to contact Mike Ratcliff Jr and receiving no response we have run the draw for the Deeper Pro once again... The winner is Tim Marshal !
  4. No problem. As long as it can be seen clearly in the photo.
  5. Submit your 2019 CAG President Election Platform Letters here
  6. Ok just send to Willem with details. He maybe traveling so it might take a couple of days big4@joincag.com
  7. Have you already tried to upload to the leaderboard?
  8. CAG NY & Hudson Valley Fish-In & Social this Sunday October 13th @ Dutchman's Landing Catskill, NY 7am - 4pm #carpanglersgroup
  9. There is still time to enter and there are some great prizes on offer but you must be a paid CAG member to take part! More Details on Discovery Month - but you must be a CAG Member to access this link! Click Here to Join CAG! Event runs for 6 weeks from Sept 1 to October 15 2019. Details While many CAG events are based on fish size and number, Discovery Month is based on Writing, Photography and Documenting a carp angler’s success or even failure. That’s because behind every fishing trip is a story! A Discovery Month story should highlight the adventure and experience of carp fishing rather than a list of the fish that were caught. Discovery Month is a FREE to enter competition. You do not need to complete a registration form but you must be a CAG member. You just need to go out and fish a new venue (new to you) and report on your experiences (for example what you learned, what you did that worked or did not work, any fish captures or not, why you chose this spot to fish and so on). Rules will be posted in a separate thread but remain the same as past years. Discovery Month runs from September 1st until October 15th 2019. Only stories that took place in this time period will count. Ideally, contestants will start to post their experiences from October 1st to 15th but feel free to post them anytime up to Midnight of the end date. A separate thread will be created to post reports and experiences.
  10. That's because you are a Forum Guest and not a Paid Member. You can join here: http://www.joincag.com
  11. We've created a new Members Only Discussion area! http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/410-general-discussion/
  12. Yes you paid... have you signed into the New Leaderboard?
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