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  1. Congratulations to Kirk (MO) MOCarper for his winning tip for the month of May. Kirk wins a $25 CAG Store gift certificate. You can post Carp Tips & Tricks for June at the following link. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/171-members-only-diy-section/ Carp’n Tips & Tricks Over the years we often come across some clever ideas or neat tricks that enhance our carp fishing experience. As an encouragement to share these ‘golden nuggets’ I’m proposing that members post them in the Members Only DIY Section of the CAG forum. As an added incentive we’ll be awarding a $25 CAG store gift certificate to the best idea posted each month (based on views and responses to the topic thread and as judged by the CAG BOD). You don’t have to be the originator of an idea but it would be nice to give credit to those you think deserve recognition. I’ve posted a couple of my own to get the ball rolling so now it’s over to you!
  2. Hmmmm that’s bigger than any stream I’ve ever seen... it must be a very affluent stream 😂
  3. The 2019 CAG Carp Classic (CCC) will take place on Saturday September 28th along the Des Plaines River, Joiliet IL ! Fish-In on the Friday 27th plus an optional to enter tournament at the same venue Sunday 29th. More details to follow in the CAG Carp Classic Forum section! Chris Labucki was the big winner in 2018... who will be the winner in 2019?
  4. Please write to Tennessee email FishingReg.Comments@tn.gov to propose protecting trophy carp from being taken from Dale Hollow Reservoir and sold to other lakes. Here is my letter. Please feel free to write your own response or copy from mine: The rapid growth in the catch and release of trophy carp has brought anglers to Dale Hollow Reservoir in search of its remarkable, trophy sized fully scaled mirror carp. Carp anglers come from all over North America as well as parts of Europe often fishing for periods from a few days to 1-3 weeks at a time. The anglers spend significant tax dollars and often rent house boats to access key areas of the reservoir. They bring significant economic opportunity to TN & KY by extending the business opportunities before and after the regular tourist season (April, May and Sept, Oct & Nov). Paul Hunt of Canada with a Dale Hollow Fully Scaled Mirror Carp Unfortunately it has come to our attention that commercial operations are catching and removing trophy carp (possibly catfish & as well) from Dale Hollow then transporting the live fish for sale to small ‘paylakes’ and ponds in North Carolina and other states. This is not only detrimental to the stocks of trophy carp in Dale Hollow but also brings the risk of transporting unwanted species or invasives such as zebra mussels or hydrilla, especially as these commercial operations are also taking & moving live fish from other lakes and rivers around the USA. We would propose introducing restrictions on the taking and movement of common carp (especially of trophy size over 30”) to protect the long term fishing & economic prospects of common carp fishing in Dale Hollow Reservoir. The unique nature of the fully scaled mirror carp in Dale Hollow makes them a very valuable resource. The taking of common carp over 30” has been shown to rapidly diminish the number of trophy fish in a water. Trophy common carp are usually considered to be fish in excess of 30 inches. They can reach weights in excess of 50lb and may be upwards of 15-20 years in age. Catch & Release anglers go to great lengths to ensure the care and safe handling of these trophy fish to ensure they can be released to grow bigger and bring pleasure to other anglers in the future. In Europe catch and release fishing for trophy carp is now worth an estimated US$ 7 billion. We hope you will consider introducing regulations to limit or prevent the taking of trophy common carp from Dale Hollow Reservoir. I would be happy to help answer any questions you might have in relation to trophy carp fishing or proposed regulations. Sincerely,
  5. The Fishin’ Factory in Middletown will be bringing a huge range of the latest & very best in carp tackle & bait to the Carp Conference on Saturday!
  6. We are monitoring the CT River carefully... The flow is up due to recent snow melt up north and temps stuck around 40F. Steve Clow took a look along Harbor Park in his lunch break today and said he could hold bottom with 5oz at 25yds out with 2 hours before low tide (so very much on the outgoing). Low tide on Sunday is 9:52 am so it should be fishable from around 9 am until around 3pm. One positive is that the higher water level will make netting fish easier!
  7. You can post higher quality pictures here: And be sure to save the original photo!
  8. PLEASE make sure you follow the requirements below when entering photos with your Big 4 fish entry! Rule 9. Images must be clear. (See notes below). The fish, angler, scales and logo must all be in focus and clearly visible - The 2019 Spring Big 4 logo & your Scales must be clearly visible & recognizable. They must NOT be out of focus or partially covered. - The fish must be held so its full length and size can be easily determined. - The captors (i.e. anglers) face must be clearly visible and recognizable. It should not be partly covered (e.g. under a buff) or hidden from looking down. *** Any entry where the submitted photo does not meet these requirements or has been subject to editing is at risk of being excluded from the Big 4 Competition. *** Here are a couple of good examples of photos that meet these requirements.
  9. Here are the parking areas for those attending the NACC. Please park only in the designated areas . DO NOT PARK in the area designated for Elks Club Members Only. Handicap parking is available directly opposite the main entrance.
  10. Saturday April 6th 2019 will see the third North American Carp Conference to be held at the Elks Club, 44 Maynard Rd in Middletown CT. It runs 10am - 6pm and features Vendors, Speakers, Raffle Prizes, Rig & Bait Clinics, Newcomer Advice plus Lots More! We’ll even have our popular ‘Live Links’ which will be no other than carp legend Steve Briggs! The only ‘Carp Conference’ to be held in North America it has proved it to be an outstanding success and brings fellow carp anglers together from all over New England and further afield. The Elks Club Bar will also open & serving food and drinks for NACC attendees Registration in Advance: CAG Members $5.00 & Non Members $10.00 Save with Advance Registration On-Line (which also includes 10 free Raffle Tickets!) - just follow this link: Click Here to Register for the Carp Conference Under 16’s Admitted Free when accompanied by an Adult with a ticket. Entry also available on the door. *** Please note that we do not send out tickets - We will check your on-line registration details at the door and provide you with an entry id ***
  11. Linear Bait & Tackle will be showcasing their Juicy Pear and NOG flavors at the NACC. You will also get a chance to see the BMG range of Tackle plus many of the award winning Ridgmonkey products.
  12. The CAG Forum offers some great ways to easily keep up to date on what's happening with news, threads & events! How to Set Up From your Desk or Lap top computer: First: Simply clicking on the "Unread Content" button will allow you to see the most recent posts since your last visit. Second: You can also receive a Daily or Weekly Email log of any recent posts: 1. Simply click on your account name and select "Account Settings" 2. Now Click on Notification Settings 3. Here you can choose a number of options: - Send me news and information will ensure you are subscribed to the CAG email list. We send out emails (usually once a month) with updates on events and other CAG news. - Automatically follow content will keep you in touch with Responses to any post you create or to others that you post a reply. - Method to use for content I follow automatically Here you can select the method (email) and frequency of receiving updates. Once you made your selection don forget to click the "Save" button! Please make sure your email address is up to date to receive this information! We'll post another thread on how to set up from the Mobile version.
  13. The Fish-In for Sunday April 7th (the day after the Conference) is on! The Venue: Harbor Park, Middletown CT When: Dawn - Dusk It looks like the weather will be kind to us this year and the CT River while still a bit cold is very fishable. Harbor Park has seen some memorable catches over the recent years. Important Information! - Simple Oats / Sweetcorn method around the lead works very well here. - It is a 6-8 ft drop to the water. Please bring a long handled net, drop net or use a Retainer Sling with ropes attached to land & release fish. We'll have some extra nets and slings available. - Park ONLY in the designated areas. Do NOT park in the area around the Canoe Club Restaurant! - Space is limited so please use a maximum of 2 rods. - CT Fishing Licences are Available at the Fishing Factory 238 E Main St, Middletown, CT 06457 or on-line Click Here and Choose On Line Sportsmen Licensing System - This is a Public Park. No Alcohol or Fires allowed and All Trash must be removed Space is limited so If you want to fish (CAG Members and Conference Attendees will get priority) please add you name below in a reply to this topic: Parking info:
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