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    Light Tackle & Fly Fishing, Motor Sports. Originally joined CAG in 1995...

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  1. (CT) Savayman

    CAG Fall Big 4 Results

    Please also send me your mailing address so I can send Kody his prize for Big Common
  2. (CT) Savayman

    Fall Big 4 2018 - Regional Awards

    The Regional Winners are as follows! Region 1 - Jerome Moisand Region 2 - Kirk Suedmeyer AND Frank Rink (we giving you one each!) Region 3 - Aaron Stark Region 4 - Michael Miller Please email me a copy of the preferred photo (ideally 1-2 MB resolution) you would like included in the Photo Plaque Regional Award together with your name as you would like it printed together with your mailing address. Send to anglingsolutions@gmail.com
  3. (CT) Savayman

    CAG Fall Big 4 Results

    And the winners are.... The Big 4 winners will have their Big Carp Tackle (BCT) accounts credited for the amount shown. If you do NOT have a BCT account please set one up or contact me ASAP. The winners of the Big Common (Kody Clayton) and Big Mirror (Jerome Mosiand) will each receive prizes that include: A RidgeMonkey 15L Collapsible Bucket and a selection of baits from World Classic Baits. Well done everyone and thank you for entering!
  4. (CT) Savayman

    CAG Fall Big 4 Results

    Please be patient while I work through the results. Our Online Leaderboard has a problem so I'm having to work with Willem to manually check everything!
  5. (CT) Savayman

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    A Happy Thanksgiving to all our CAG members!
  6. (CT) Savayman

    NACA - 25th Anniversary Edition

    I only got mine in CT yesterday (Monday). The mailing house uses bulk mail so it can take a while.
  7. (CT) Savayman

    Live Leaderboard - Instructions

    Willem just fixed it. Must have been an issue following the site update.
  8. (CT) Savayman

    Fall Grits Packbait

    I've stuck with Regular Oats and Creamed Corn and will sometimes add some grits to promote quicker breakdown as needed. I no longer bother to flavor the method / pack and prefer to focus on trying different hook baits or different flavored puffs. It has worked very well recently in water temps down to 48F
  9. CAG Members please vote!
  10. (CT) Savayman

    Ohio State Chair Resignation

    Many thanks Vince. I hope we can find someone equally talented to continue to lead CAG Ohio!
  11. (CT) Savayman

    ct state record

    Thanks to former Steve Clow, a former State Chair, CT allows potential record carp to be weighed on Certified Scales at the place of capture in the presence of an independent witness. So no need to kill or transport a fish. Roland said he did not want to claim a record but as everyone can see it is a magnificent fish and a dream capture.
  12. (CT) Savayman

    Oct 2018 CAG eNews

    Version 1.0.0



  13. Oct 2018 CAG eNews View File Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 10/29/2018 Category General  
  14. (CT) Savayman

    Facebook groups

    Unfortunately the admins won't admit anyone with such sparse Facebook profile information. Some basic info, fishing photos, friends etc will help convince them you are a 'real' person.
  15. (CT) Savayman

    Facebook groups

    Will, is this you?