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  1. (CT) Savayman

    indingenous seed baits

    It will certainly be interesting to learn more of the outcome of that experiment with the seeds!
  2. (CT) Savayman

    2018 CCC Rules

    Good questions Mike. On the wading question I think the highlighted text in rule 9 covers that point? If there is an obvious risk to the fish then wading to net a fish in shallow water is certainly allowed. 9. No boats, bait-boats or wading, use of floatation devices or swimming (except in an emergency!); fishing from the shoreline only. Exception – an angler can enter the water by authorization from a Weigh Offficial or Angler at the next peg, to free a fish caught in a snag, weed or otherwise in distress or possible danger. Please ensure that you receive a verbal authorization from the Angler at the next peg or Official present before you enter the water. On point 2). You are not allowed to throw your chum in another persons peg. There are plenty of ways to ensure your 'chum' reaches the bottom within the confines of your pegged area. Pack or method around the lead or hook bait, bait dropper devices, PVA bags etc.
  3. (CT) Savayman

    Wow! Not a lot of activity in Washington

    There are certainly a few folk in the NW around WA & OR. I'll see if I can send them here to get in touch with you.
  4. (CT) Savayman

    New CAG Beanie!

    We've just added this classic carp beanie to the CAG store! It features an embroidered CAG logo & will keep you both snug and stylish. One size fits all. Material 100% acrylic. Click Here to Order:
  5. (CT) Savayman

    2018 CCC Awards

    The awards will be consistent with the CCC tradition: - The North American Champion trophy will be awarded to the angler with the four fish with the greatest total weight (big 4). Each year the winner's name is added to the incredible list of previous winners! Val Grimley the 2017 North American Champion! - Additional trophies will be given to each section winner (big 4). In case of ties, see the rules in the previous post. - The North American Carp King is a Jeweled Belt Buckle that will be awarded to the angler catching the single heaviest carp. In addition, we will have a special awards for the angler landing the First Fish, and for the angler catching the Biggest combined total-weight.
  6. (CT) Savayman

    2018 CCC List of Participants

    Please add Mike Chancer to the list. He sent in payment by check.
  7. (CT) Savayman

    CT Open Carp Tournament 2018

    The CT Open Carp Tournament is back and being organized by local store the Fishing Factory in Middletown. The CT Carp Open is BACK!!! October 11th, 2018 through October 14th, 2018. Peg draw will be October 10th (location TBD) and awards ceremony will be October 14th (Middletown Elks Club). https://www.facebook.com/groups/313001709231412/about/ This tournament will be similar to the tourneys that were held in 2015 & 2016 with some minor adjustments. It will remain a Big Fish, Big 4, and Big Mirror tournament. Massive prize pools, $25,000 jackpot prize for establishing a new CT State Record Carp, double peg draw format, and hosted during the peak New England foliage time when carp are feeding hard! This tournament needs 40 anglers minimum for it to go off and provide the currently established prize pool. But ready for the rich part? Every angler who registers over the minimum then their entry money will be divided up 100% back into the big fish & big 4 payout categories. Don't hesitate to sign up! To sign up either go in person to Fishin' Factory 3 in Middletown, CT (forms available sun 5/20) or fill out the registration form and mail with your payment to address on form. Cost is $400/angler and anglers can fish solo or in teams of 2. Runners are optional (and free) and they will be limited to only spombing, checking depths, netting fish, and campsite duties (they cannot partake in the fishing). Proper carp care is required and local fishing licenses are required. For all your carp angling needs and for fishing licenses please stop by Fishing Factory 3! We hope to see everyone there! Please stay tuned for updates on ceremony venues, prizes, updated payout schedule after 40 anglers enter, etc. For registration forms and rules sheets please visit the "files" tab on this group. Peg maps will be uploaded as soon as the CT DEEP approves of them. Tight lines, wet nets and stay Carpy! https://www.facebook.com/groups/313001709231412/files/
  8. (CT) Savayman

    Big 4 rules

    Please keep the feedback coming. The aim of creating regions for 2018 was to encourage more interest from other parts of the USA. I think you also have to ask the question as to why so few folk enter from other parts of the USA? There has been a lot of discussion over the years about how the Big 4 is biased towards certain areas (like New England, PA or Michigan). If you take a look at the top 3 weights or the top 10 winners for the last 5 years you'll see that is very much the case. Spring Big 4 Results 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 First 170.11 129.13 120.12 162.09 138.10 Second 154.04 127.15 106.04 135.06 136.06 Third 143.04 122.13 106.02 129.03 122.15 Big Fish 56.04 36.10 37.00 48.04 39.05 Big Mirror 40.02 30.01 37.00 48.04 39.05
  9. (CT) Savayman

    Big 4 rules

    Perhaps I’m missing your point regarding the Big 4 Rules and the Zones this year. Are you saying you think the ‘zoning’ limits your ability to travel in order to catch big fish?
  10. (CT) Savayman

    CCC 2018 Registration

    Registration is now open for the 2018 CCC. Please note: When you sign up you are agreeing to abide by the CCC 2018 Rules. Please be sure to read them! CAG members: $60 Non Member: $60 + $25 = $85 Use the link below: CCC 2018 Registration & Payment
  11. (CT) Savayman

    June 2018

    Version 1.0.0


    June 2018 CAG eNews


  12. (CT) Savayman

    CAG Spring Big 4 - The Winners!

    Winners have all been shipped their Bait Package Prizes and BCT have credited your accounts with $200 to spend ! Dane Clay you have also been sent a Deeper Pro system for winning Big Fish! Thank you to our bait package sponsors: Carp Bait USA DNA Baits Spotted Fin And thanks to Big Carp Tackle for helping support the winners Gift Certificates.
  13. (CT) Savayman

    CCC 2018

    This years CCC will be back on the Hudson River on Saturday Sept 15th. Details will be posted soon but expect much same as last years regarding lodging, peg locations etc
  14. (CT) Savayman

    CAG Spring Big 4 - The Winners!

    Winners please also send me a picture (best quality) of your biggest fish from the Big 4.
  15. The results are all in and have been verified for the CAG SPRING BIG 4 2018. Well done to all 44 Anglers who participated in this year’s event which was made Regional for the very first time. In order to qualify for the final count four fish needed to be registered to give a BIG 4 total. We have winners in three of the four Regions and we are pleased to announce the following: Region 1 Dane Clay fishing out of Pennsylvania with a Big 4 total of 138lb 1oz. Region 2 Brett Du Preez fishing out of Iowa with a Big 4 total of 116lb 11oz Region 3 Keith Thompson fishing out of Texas with a Big 4 total of 102lb 2oz Region 4 Sadly we had no angler registering the required 4 fish! The Prizes! Each of the Regional Winners receive a package of Bait and Tackle valued at $300.00 (winners please pm me your mailing addresses & email for shipping) This year we also had an overall Big Fish prize: A Deeper Sonar & Fish Finder System... This years winner of the Biggest Fish with a stunning 39lb 5oz fish was Dane Clay......well done Dane!! Congratulations to the winners above and well done to those Anglers registering in over 100lb for a BIG FOUR total: Barry Howard, David Dakin, David Pickering, Jason Best, Jerome Moisand, Todd Richer, Tony Carvalho. There were some different elements to this years competition and the results will feed into future ideas and competitions. Look out for a write up in the upcoming CAG eNews and a later NACA. Thank you to everyone who took part and get ready to take part in the Fall Big 4 event!