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  1. NECC 2018 - Latest News!

    There are always some great deals on bait & tackle to be had at the NECC making it an ideal time to stock up in preparation for the season ahead! Keep a look out for updates from our vendors. If you don't have your ticket yet please don't wait!
  2. Franklin laws

    Sad news indeed. Please extend our condolences on behalf of his many friends within the CAG family.
  3. State Chair List as of Jan 24 2018

  4. State Chair list 01-22-2018.pdf
  5. New CAG Treasurer

    Update on Treasurer position. Paul Cienciera has notified the Board that he is no longer able to take on the role of Treasurer. As a result I will assume the role until we can find someone to takeover. Jerome has also agreed to help provide logistical support. If any CAG member wishes to be considered for this key position please get in touch.
  6. CAG Vice President

    I'm delighted to announce that Dave Pickering has stepped forward and been elected as the new Vice President for CAG. Dave has been a longtime member of CAG and currently serves as the State Chair for Rhode Island and on the Board of Directors as CAG Secretary. His depth of knowledge and understanding for running of CAG makes him well very qualified to take on this role.
  7. Horseshoes & Carp Grenades

    A great listen! The Drake Cast - Episode #25 Horseshoes & Carp Grenades. https://soundcloud.com/user-959659004/the-drakecast-fly-fishing-podcast-25-horseshoes-and-hand-grenades-carp-russell-pedersen
  8. NECC 2018 - Latest News!

    The 2018 North East Carp Conference is being held Saturday April 21st at the Elks Club in Middletown CT (same location as last year). Tickets are now on sale in the CAG store! http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/73-north-east-carp-conference/ After the success of last years NECC we are anticipating that this will be a sell out event. Please get your tickets now. Rig, Bait & Beginner Clinics. Tackle & Bait Vendors. Expert Panel Q&A – We are planning another live video link with one of the UKs top carp anglers! Guest Speakers – talks from top level carp anglers Door & Raffle Prizes – Hundreds of $$$ worth of top tackle prizes. Food & Beverages on sale during day. Vendors include: Big Carp Tackle, CarpMaxx, Trilogy, Advanced Fishing Rods, World Classic Baits, Fishing Factory, Carp Mart, Trilogy Don't miss it!
  9. got the bug again

    Welcome back mate! PM me your contact details and I'll get in touch.
  10. Coated braid and long shank hooks!?!?!?

    PB Jelly Wire (available from BCT). Check out Frank Warwick's video using Jelly Wire & Long Shank hooks. I use this rig all the time for particles or boilies (bottom, wafter, snowman etc) and it is super reliable. https://youtu.be/xN9Puscd9U0
  11. ghost carp?

    They can be commons or mirrors and usually have some interesting patterns and shading around the head.
  12. ALL GUESTS NON CAG Member Please read

    I'm sure we can add to this list... CAG Benefits Entry to exclusive CAG events such as the CCC, ATC, BIG-4, FFF & Discovery Month A chance to win valuable tackle prizes, trophies, medals and certificates. Your membership supports CAG’s mission to protect trophy carp by educating anglers on the excitement of catching carp, better carp care and the benefits of catch & release. A special printed edition of the NACA. Bimonthly Newsletter. Special reduced member rate for entry to events like the NECC As a national non-profit organization CAG has been instrumental in creating respect and awareness for carp fishing among several State fishery bodies. An opportunity to share your passion with other anglers and newcomers at local fish-ins & other events. As a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers your membership fees are used only to support and promote the CAG mission.
  13. Carp Fly Tournament - Golden Bones

    Here's a link to the Golden Bones Carp on the Fly Tournament for 2018 Based out of Yorkville IL with fishing on the Du Page, Des Plaines & Fox River Systems https://www.midwestwaters.com/golden-bones-tournament/
  14. Sharp hooks??

    The trend towards ‘ultra’ sharp hook points in Europe is focused on one hook for one fish. I seriously doubt we need to go quite that far over here. Quality Carp hooks out of the packet are sharp enough in my opinion but still need the point constantly checked & restored from time to time.
  15. New CAG Treasurer

    I'm delighted to announce that Paul Cienciera from Michigan has been elected as the our new treasurer. As many of you know Jerome Moisand announced, earlier in the Fall, his decision to step down from the Board of Directors and his role as CAG Treasurer. Jerome has agreed to shadow Paul over the coming weeks to ensure a seamless transition. Over the years Jerome has been at the heart of supporting CAG in a number of roles. In addition to being Treasurer he's been Director of Awards, Director of Events, Vice President and even NACA Editor. Thank-you for your years of service and we all look forward to seeing more fishing stories and great captures while you enjoy your retirement!