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  1. The more of us there are in Utah the better. Chumming has always sounded a bit harsh to me so I can see why the DWR are reluctant. If we use words like "Ground baiting" or "Method" fishing and explain they are Carp fishing terms and methods then rules may be relaxed in the future. If you want any help with talking to the DWR then get in contact with me and we can try it together. Best regards and see you on the bank soon.
  2. There are a few of us in Utah. Come and join in the fun
  3. Hello there need my fishing fix YT, I am the Utah state Chairman and I have a page on Facebook if you would like to join us. You will be surprised at how many of us fish for Carp in Utah. Not as many as I would like but it is fairly healthy. I will check out your Youtube channel and please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more info on the Carp Anglers Group Utah Tight Lines Woody
  4. Thanks Iain, that will be why I can't register yet then.
  5. I must be blind or just dumb. I cannot find the online Leaderboard to register Help please????
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