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  1. Epic Vacation Session!

    Ryan has said he will be writing something for our next issue! And the NACA email is now working naca@carpanglersgroup.com We are always looking for new articles and fishing reports - especially from our younger anglers!
  2. As your newly elected President I'm truly honored to have won your trust to take CAG forward. My thanks go to everyone who voted and my commiserations to Larry Kirchner. I would also like to extend my thanks on behalf of CAG to Bob Giodarno for his leadership & service to CAG. We all wish you a return to better health. In the meantime I look forward to delivering on my commitment toward better communication & engagement with our membership. Thank you again for your confidence in me as your new President. Yours, Iain Sorrell
  3. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Thanks to those who sent photos for the NACA. I've had to crop a couple and hopefully they will look fine when published.
  4. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    If any of our Fall Big 4 contestants would like to submit their big fish for the upcoming NACA please email them to me no later than Sunday Nov 19th! Please email to: naca@carpanglersgroup.com
  5. I went back on Tuesday for another go... but just after I set up the USCG boat in the background docked above me for the night. Lot of noise from the on board generator. Gave it another hour but no bites.
  6. Navigating the Forum

    Anyone Navigating the CAG forum might find the following helpful. The "Unread Content" button is probably the most useful... well for me at least! Click on it and it brings up ALL the posts that you have not yet read over the past 365 days... You will then see a page like this... now you can scroll down click on and read any posts that interest you. Just underneath where it says "Unread Content" is a series of headings. If you click on the "V" arrow to the right of each heading (e.g. Following or Time Period) it will give you a series of options that allow you to change how your unread content is organized. Just remember that once you've read an individual post won't appear again in your 'unread content' search again. If you click on 'Read Status' and choose 'Everything' you'll see all the posts arranged by Today, Yesterday, Last Week etc. Any you've already read will appear faded rather than in bold. Another useful 'search' tool is the Activity button. If you are looking to find something you started, posted in or are following then just click on "My Activity Streams". I hope this helps and let me know if you find other useful ways to browse content on the forum!
  7. Water temps were 47-48F (high for this time of year) so I was still hopeful of one or two being caught especially when we saw several fish over the baits late in the pm. I think the sudden cold and high pressure killed it.
  8. A good turnout despite the frigid conditions... sadly the fish didn’t cooperate. A few fish showed but declined to pick up a bait.
  9. So please take note of the parking areas... Parking off Harbor Drive is limited to the small area shown. You can also use the large lot off Melili Plaza. There is an underpass with a ramp that will take you to the park. Please do not use the area next to the Canoe Club Restaurant.
  10. Final count for Saturday Roy Haney Jordan Brown Fran Slasinski Blake Carlson Steve Clow Norman Finke Iain Sorrell Phil Nathan Mike Hudak Jimmy Ayala
  11. The Fishing Factory III in Middletown is offering fish in participants 20% off Carp tackle & bait. Stop by and see them! Saturday 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM Sunday 6:00 AM - 1:00 PM https://maps.google.com/maps?rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS717US717&hl=en-US&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=us&entry=s&sa=X&ftid=0x89e64a6b43bb84e7:0x12f6a1cdf416843a&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D
  12. Tides for Saturday Nov 11th are as follows: High: 6:59am Low: 2:15pm High: 7:30pm It will be an outgoing tide in the morning and usually that does not fish so well so I would suggest that there is no rush to be there early... how does 9am sound? With no more rain in the forecast I'm hoping that the river flows will continue to drop and be back to near normal by the weekend. We'll limit rods to two per angler to keep things simple and to help minimize crossed lines etc. If you have a long handled net, drop net or other set up for landing fish from the wall (6-8') please bring it! I will post a parking map & directions tomorrow but for those familiar with the venue PLEASE DO NOT park in the area around the Canoe Club Restaurant. This is private parking.
  13. Roy Haney Jordan Brown Fran Slasinski Blake Carlson Steve Clow Norman Finke Iain Sorrell Phil Nathan Mike Hudak Jerome Mosiand We should have room for a couple more... if you cannot make it please let me know so we can offer spaces to others.
  14. I’ll be posting details for the fish in Tuesday.
  15. Cold Fronts in November

    How are the water temperatures? Over 50F and that level of chum should be fine. In New England they are way above average and hopefully we’ll be fishing well in to December this year.