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  1. CCC'2014: anybody from New England?

    So who won the CCC in 2014? We need to update the trophy!
  2. List of participants

    Ha, ha, ha it sounds more like a french phonetic spelling!
  3. List of participants

    FYI - its spelt iain
  4. List of participants

    So add Val Grimley, Mike Dragone and Edwin Stackhouse to the list plus I understand several more folk have signed up.
  5. 2017 CCC peg draw and Scale Certification

    Barry says you can get breakfast from 6am at Chrissy & Tim's. You can also get your scales certified at the Meet & Greet at the Pegasus Friday evening.
  6. Who Is Lenny Middleton?

    Thank you John for sharing this and giving us some real insight to the Len you knew. You were truly fortunate to call him your best friend. I only met him a couple of times on Savay and still remember Mike Wilson showing me a hair rig for the first time. He lives on as a true legend.
  7. Leader problems...

    No - its a braid to mono knot. Still don't understand why you need 80lb for a shock leader with 5oz leads... unless you are fishing over zebra mussels?
  8. Leader problems...

    30lb mainline should be fine casting 5oz leads. I cast 5oz leads with 24lb mono or 30lb braid mainline with no issues and no need for leaders. If I'm casting extreme distances (over 100yds) with lighter mono mainline (12-18lb) then I'll attach a 30lb braid leader using a FG knot which creates a very slim knot
  9. The BOD has voted to approve Kirk Suedmeyer as Missouri State Chair A big thank you to Kirk for stepping up and if you live in Missouri or surrounding state please be sure to get in touch with him. His application letter is below: Dear Staff, I would like to take this opportunity to be considered as the CAG State Chair for Missouri, which I understand is currently vacant. I am 56 years old, working as the Director of Animal Health for the Kansas City zoo for the past 25 years. I have been a member of CAG for almost one year; joining just after catching a large common carp that placed first in our businesses summer fishing contest. I am an enthusiastic pathologic fisherman, tirelessly catching a wide variety of species from every conceivable waterway, promoting catch and release to people of all ages. The common carp is worthy of the designation as a quality sport fish. I have recruited four members (family members) and encouraged another (MOCARP) to rejoin CAG. I have learned many things from members of CAG and would be privileged to serve the CAG members As State Chair, I will promote carp fishing throughout Missouri using the CAG objectives to elevate its status as a premier sport fish and recruit members. It is my long term hope to work with colleagues I have with the Missouri Department of Conservation advocating carp as sportfish, increasing our knowledge of the fish and their role in the waterways of Missouri. With innumerable bodies of water, the state record common carp of 50lbs and grass carp at 69lbs, Missouri has the creeks, rivers and impoundments to provide anglers a ready source of carp that rivals most other states; and as our motto states; “Show Me”, I believe Missouri CAG members will!!
  10. Tentative Peg sites

    I've posted Navionics maps for the pegs below: Coxsackie & River Hook CCC Coxsackie River Front Park.pdf 17 - 26 Hudson CCC Mt Merino.pdf Catskill Point & Dutchman CCC Catskill Dutchman.pdf If you go to the Navionics website you can look at the areas in more detail by zooming in on the maps. https://www.navionics.com/usa/charts?charts=NavionicsPlus Should be a lot of fun!
  11. Brackish water Carp?

    Carp can tolerate salt up to 14-17 ppt (parts per thousand) & sea water is typically 35 ppt. So you will certainly find them in estuarine water especially when rivers are in flood or on an out going tide.
  12. First carp on the fly!

    Just cast to patches of bubbles... best signs of feeding carp!
  13. Register for the CCC 2017

    Here are so photos from last years CCC in Wisconsin
  14. Adding your comments in support of the proposed CT Trophy Carp regulations is easy! Follow the link https://eregulations.ct.gov/eRegsPortal/Search/RMRView/PR2017-010 then Click the button that says 'Comment Now' top right of screen. Then add your details (you don't need to create an account) & then add your comments. Please feel free to copy and paste the following to add to your own comments. I support the CT Fishery proposals for Amendment to Section 26-112-45 & creation of certain Trophy Carp Waters. Catch & Release angling for Trophy sized Common carp (including mirror and other scale patterns) is growing rapidly and providing significant economic stimulus to businesses in CT. This step by CT DEEP Fisheries creates a far sighted opportunity to help protect trophy carp that will ultimately attract more anglers to CT.