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  1. Big common should be my 39.04 rather than my 35.04
  2. Enterprise 'plastic' corn works well and is often all I have left on the hook after the turtles of crayfish have been at it! the image on the right shows how i set it up with 2 or 3 pieces of maize / feed corn
  3. If you find one be sure to patent it as you'll become a very wealthy person!
  4. I took a local TU member Carl Swanson on his first expedition to catch a carp on a fly... His first was this frisky male fish and his second this awesome 25lb common! Both fish falling to an original Jack Gartside pattern cast at bubbling feeders in about 4' of water
  5. You don't need a password for the CAG Facebook page but you do need to be 'approved' to see or make posts. It currently has about 2700 individuals on it and is quite active. Facebook and other social media is just how it is nowadays. The CAG forum is still relevant provided people make the effort. One of the key aspects of CAG has always been 'meeting people in person' rather than just online. As Dave Pickering has said it usually comes down to individuals making the effort to rally people together and recruit members. We always need more volunteers to help with running CAG!
  6. In temperate climates and normal spawning conditions (i.e. normal oxygenated areas) very few under 7" carp survive to reach adulthood. Predation takes care of most of the smaller fish. Over the years I've found localized concentrations of small 1-2 lb fish and occasional larger juveniles. In areas (Mississippi basin for example) with low oxygenation in the spawning marshes where predatory fish cannot survive the carp fry can grow 'unmolested' and this leads to the issues of overpopulation and mostly stunted smaller fish.
  7. First class job as always Dean - CAG & NACA leading the way as always for top quality news, articles and production.
  8. So where do I start… perhaps my family first as they have put up with me being more than a little focused over the past couple of months. I probably did not realize quite how much work was going to be involved to make sure that this our first North American Carp Conference was a success. Actually they said I’ve been a royal pain in the ass so clearly I need to make up for that! They even helped out setting up and on the day at the NECC so a massive thank-you for all the support, patience & wide berths you’ve given me when I’ve been less than tolerable! Our speakers made a huge effort to share their incredible knowledge with the audience. The presentations made by Adam Tarnacki, Dave Pickering, Dean Brookes, Austin & Brendan Pass, Tom & Brian Daugherty and Phil Nathan were all first class and truly thought provoking. I’m sure no one went away without learning something that will help improve their carp fishing. Last but not least a massive thank-you to Rob Hughes for taking time out of his hectic schedule to join us live not once but twice via video link. I did not imagine in my wildest dreams that we would ever attract such an amazing array of fabulous prizes from our incredibly generous sponsors. My initial target for donated prizes was simply swept away with the wave enthusiasm that so many companies and key individuals showed towards this the very first NECC. We raised an amazing $1600 from the raffle that will go towards the Carp Anglers Group continued mission to encourage more people to take up carp fishing and raise awareness for carp as a sportfish in North America. I’ll be contacting our sponsors to thank them individually and also to highlight them further on social media. I’m sure it was a true leap of faith for our vendors to come on board and in many cases travel hundreds of miles to be at this our inaugural event. My thanks to the Fishing Factory 3, Carp Maxx, Trilogy, World Classic Baits, Carp Angler Magazine, Record Baits, Stick ‘Em Steve Decals, Carp Mart, Advanced Fishing and of course Team USA Carp Squad who endured a nightmare journey from Indianapolis suffering three flight cancellations and lost luggage. Your trust and support in making this all work so well was very much appreciated. The NECC could never have happened without it being a Carp Anglers Group event. As a non-profit organization we are truly dependent on the time and generosity of our dedicated members who volunteer their time so selflessly. My sincere thanks go to my fellow CAG board members who allowed me to run with this idea and supported me all the way. Bob Giodarno, Jerome Moisand, Larry Nowicki, Barry Howard, Dave Pickering, Bob Hall, Edwin Stackhouse & Steve Clow – thank you! I must also give mention to Kevin Smith and the folk at the Elks Lodge in Middletown who so patiently answered the many questions I had and ensured that everyone was well catered for in the Lodge bar & restaurant. And finally my thanks go to all of you who came along and joined in the fun. Your attendance made this all worthwhile. As I said a few times social media simply cannot replace the true quality time that only comes with us all being in one place together. It was everything I’d hoped for just to see so many people sharing fishing stories and experiences with friends old and new. We managed to sign up over 30 new CAG members as a result and I hope you all had a great time and went away looking forward to the next NECC!
  9. Are you ready? Saturday April 8th will be the first ever Carp Angling Conference to be held in North America! Learn all about Fishing for Carp! Doors Open 10am and event runs till 6pm Venue: Elks Lodge, 44 Maynard, RD, Middletown, CT Entry on the Day: $20 ($15 CAG member) - Under 16's admitted Free when accompanied by an adult - • TAG Sale – Bring along your carp gear to sell or swap! • Rig, Bait & Beginner Clinics • Tackle & Bait Vendors • Expert Panel Q&A – We are planning a live video link with one of the UKs top carp anglers! • Guest Speakers – talks from top level carp anglers. • Door Prizes / Raffle – Over $5000 worth of top tackle prizes! • Food & Beverages on sale during day www.facebook.com/NECarpConference
  10. NECC Parking Follow directions to: 44 Maynard St, Middletown CT
  11. NECC Floor Plan You can also download and print: Floor Plan 032317.pdf
  12. NECC Program & Events You can also download & print a copy: NECC Program Schedule.pdf
  13. NECC Program NECC Program Schedule.pdf
  14. Vendor Profile Trilogy Carp Baits was born from one man’s passion and the dreams of 2 young anglers to share together the awesome sport of carp fishing. Trilogy baits have been developed for anglers who strive to catch bigger and better carp every time they go out. These specially designed baits have been proven for well over a decade by a select few with outstanding. The baits have been developed through an alternative method, using only high quality, human grade ingredients that create a longlasting bait without the need for refrigeration. Whether you use them in day or longer sessions or even in a tournament setting Trilogy baits have been created ‘for anglers by anglers’ so you can be sure of getting the best results. “baits by anglers for anglers” www.trilogycarpbaits.com
  15. Sponsor Update Wacker Bait & Tackle Fueled by his great passion for carp fishing, Paul Pezalla founded Wacker Bait & Tackle nearly 20 years ago. Soon his brand became a leading supplier of house-made baits, boutique tackle items, and the latest and greatest carp products from around the world. First class customer service and expert advice cemented Paul’s reputation and the Wacker name as a fixture on the American carp scene. As the new owner of Wacker Bait & Tackle Corey Tedesco will continue to provide the carp community with excellent bait and tackle products, service, and advice with the ultimate goal of helping you get the most out of your time on the bank.