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  1. Rail City Fall Classic

    not sure if anyone is planning on fishing anyway but I will be there from Wednesday morning through Saturday morning - I have the time off and plan to use it. if anyone is also planning on fishing hope to see you there. Russell
  2. Rail City Fall Classic

    confused is it still on?? I was getting packed and ready to go??
  3. Kiwanee fishin

    sorry for the lat reply guys work has me tied up all week.. many thanks for those of you who braved the searing heat and humidity.. I think it was a fun time all around. when shall we do the next one??
  4. Kiwanee fishin

    Great - nice sized field of people so far.. in case anyone is interested and has a distance to travel (*like me) I have a site rented in the campsite for Saturday night (023) if anyone wants a place to crash. I am planning on being there around 8pm.. there is camping available for another 3 anglers. If not see you all 6:30 am at the restaurant car park!! Russell
  5. Kiwanee fishin

    great news we have a decent amount of people so far.. to add to the prize fund I am donating a whole case of 'big bobs' sweetcorn bait.. its past its sell by date but I dont think the carp will make a fuss!
  6. Kiwanee fishin

    sorry guys can only do sunday the 12th now due to family stuff.. I think we have four people so far for the sunday competition.. can i get a show of hands who is in for sunday the 12th please? thanks russell
  7. Kiwanee fishin

    I was thinking the 12th if that works for everyone so the sunday? unless people prefer the saturday?? lets meet at the restaurant/boat dock @ 6:30 for the draw
  8. Kiwanee fishin

    excellent.. there are two of us so far
  9. Kiwanee fishin

    Sorry for the late reply on this work is getting in the way of my fishing dreams!! OK, I am thinking the 12th July as if anyone like me needs to travel they will have the option of coming up the night before and staying on in the campsite (its in the park and costs 8 bucks for anyone interested?) 1. Time parameters - peg draw 6:30 am prebaiting from 7-7:30 am contest starts at 7:30 am and concludes @ 5 pm 2. Assigned/drawn pegs or pick your own? - will explain better below 3. Fish-in or tournament? - Tournament to make it more exciting 4. Free activity or entry fee? - Open to either but we could make it interesting at 25 bucks a head? 5. Overnight or daylight fishing or either/both? - day only as the mosquito's are legendary there overnight at the moment (I speak from experience and am covered in bites currrently) As for the fishing draw I am proposing the following and please feel free to object if it may prevent you from wanting to fish I am happy to go with group vote. There are multiple 'picnic' sites on the park which hold at a minimum two angers All angers names go in a hat Names are pulled randomly from the hat First name pulled chooses a 'picnic' site Second name pulled may choose same picnic site but first anger pulled from hat gets to choose the peg There wont actually be any pegs you just pick where on the picnic site you want to fish Anglers must be no less that 35 paces apart to give each other room I will bring burgers and beer for a social afterwards if people are interested? The Black Hawk picnic area has a great firepit and seating to get together and tell stories of the ones that got away please let me know what you think - hope you can all make it Russell
  10. Kiwanee fishin

    I am thinking the 11/12th July?
  11. Kiwanee fishin

    Anyone intersted in a Kiwanee fishin? next week or two looking for a few people who want to get together and have a crack at the Johnson Sauk residents?? I am offering to BBQ if there are any takers. Russell
  12. The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    tempted to fish I am just a one man team from Iowa though!!
  13. set of three Delkims

    so sorry for the delayed response on the forum guys.. unexpected death in the family has pulled me away from many tings the last couple of weeks. Based on what I am hearing resale on these things and what they go for new these days I will probably hold onto them! Happy holidays Russell
  14. set of three Delkims

    I have three of the older style delkims for sale. they were converted to the bright white LED's by specialist tackle in the UK around 6 years ago. still work like new, lovely alarms.. selling as I bought new ones with remote. Not sure on price just dont need to have them sitting around. Much as I would like to keep them. will post a picture later today Make me an offer!
  15. Nash Nomad 3 Rod Skin

    is it still available? please let me know or call 646 691 8716 Thanks, Russell