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  1. i also did not receive my copy of it.... let me know what you need from me to get one. many thanks. joel.
  2. some lovely fish all in all! congrats to every one for working so hard to put this lil lot together. i had some good ones just not sure what ones to put in. ..... so i didn't bother. good luck to every one else.
  3. well i was going to be submitting a 4 part deal but maybe i will hold off for a bit. good stuff! bound to get the juices going!!!! good luck all! cheers for setting this one up. nice one!!!
  4. guys this is truly the best thing cag has ever done. what a way to make $$$;s for a club. really shows the love that CAG has with in. cheers. Joel. P.S if i didnt have 2 302's i would pic this up.
  5. I can have the first part of a large piece for you in a few weeks. cheers. joel.
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