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  1. Work is again holding me back from this one guys! it will happen one time...... best of luck to all! cheers. Joel.
  2. There super durable.... super smooth.... and even tho Diawa calls them there budget reel..... there by no means cheep! from there wishbone style handle right to the QD. its a solid build for sure. Yes there are other reels that cost a lot more....but really all the BS aside. there a lovely reel. no lash in the gearing. well build and will last a long old time! if danny boy can push them on them dvd's of his landing a 62+ in FR. then there gonna work out just fine over here! actually thinking about getting another set.... sold the last ones i had.... as to be honest there on par with the likes
  3. are there local kids to sponsor? ones that might need a helping hand etc.... i would love to come up for this, if i can find the time ill come up!
  4. good luck every one!
  5. good luck every one!
  6. lol calm down lads.... its only a fish in....
  7. nice one mate.... colors on that are gorge!
  8. that looks like spawning! or the bass and carp have a tag team going.... the bass fluff up the bottom and the carp feed! hahaha... looks strange tho!
  9. Rob, Wont be making this one again!! A change in job positions will be taking place right on the fish in! i will be attending the thomas bull fish in tho... so thos of you going to that see you there then. hope it all goes well! and hope your alarms are singing! cheers. Joel.
  10. Bob, put me in for USA! I have wanted to do this for a few years now.... put me in!!!!! be good to get up on the larry again! how does the baiting work! sounds silly but is there any pre-baiting etc? cheers. joel
  11. after a 2 year ish brake from carp angling.... I'm looking forwards to getting back out on the bank with like minded anglers etc. and just enjoying my angling. and putting a few fish on the mat! cheers. joel.
  12. i happen to use the UV glow corn now and again... mostly when fishing in or around weed beds... it dose a perfect job! if i remember correctly there where studies done on the UV glow corn.... and it was found that the reaction for the green/blue color at night in the dark is more productive than a regular bottom bait. it does work.... 100% but for me its a time and a place kinda bait!
  13. hook length to long.... and bait to close to the hook.
  14. Defo gonna do my best to get down to you lads this time round. even if i do a lil stalking .... that place is good for a few. even in the back end of March! hopefully see ya all soon... Rob, are you planing on doing any food/drink. hotdogs etc? let me know may be we can split the funding for some hotdogs etc
  15. i also did not receive my copy of it.... let me know what you need from me to get one. many thanks. joel.
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