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  1. Hi was going through the event calender and i see your even For April 17th but you got the even blank all over april may june july september. you might wanna fix this thanks. 



  2. Welcome Dave. Will you be coming to the CCC to read the previous minutes at the annual meeting? Fish-on Bill
  3. Preliminary itinerary on CCC 2015 thread.... Fish-On Bill
  4. Thaks Andy for many great years of service to CAG. Fish-On Bill
  5. So Steve all of the state chairs that got one of the expensive sweatshirts and did not put on a fishin have to pay for it? I know there is 2 here in Illinois that did not fullfill there commitment. I did not receive a sweatshirt and i put on 2 fishins. I am sure there were other state chairs that did not put on 1 fishin on as required. Lets get this problem resolved. Fish-On Bill
  6. miller park still a go? Wheres the details if so?

  7. Hey Bill, is the turkey thing still a go?

    just asking because there no talk about it.


  8. bill , would you happen to have a alarm that you no longer need that you can sell at a good price ? one of my alarms is slowly trying to go out on me . thanks , jesse

  9. good motning bill . i am ready to buy motr hooks . this time i will need 100 . i can send the money thru paypal as soon as you tell me they are available . my adress is 2602 quinto dr . dallas ,tx . 75227 thank you sir , jesse

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