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  1. Hi was going through the event calender and i see your even For April 17th but you got the even blank all over april may june july september. you might wanna fix this thanks. 



  2. Oct.17, 2019 Miller Park Bloomington Il Fishing from 7 AM to 4 PM. Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for top 3 biggest carp. Must be CAG member for medals.
  3. You know what Jerome I won my section in the 2004 CCC in Joliet.
  4. Can you fish in 2 different regions and post fish to those regions?
  5. I believe it's the same one Big Carp Tackle uses for their monthly awards. Fish On Bill
  6. Can you fish in 2 different regions have fish only count to the region they are caught in?
  7. Saturday October 7, 2017 CAG Medals for largest carp by weight and CAG Medals for 3 largest 3 carp total weight. 7 AM till 4 PM Saturday If you want to come and fish all night Friday we will be there. Fishon Bill Hodge
  8. Tony Stout was not last years Carp King. It was Fred Rhodes.
  9. Is there any info on the CAG Fall Big 4. I have several carpers looking for info.
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