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  1. WorldClassicBaits

    Special Announcement - Biggest fish in history of CAG!

    congratulations Daniel! great accomplishment!
  2. WorldClassicBaits

    "Two-Tone" Recaptures...

    this carp should have a name
  3. WorldClassicBaits

    Wooden Shoe Carp Classic 2014 May, 17-18

    Congratulation to Darren and Austin !
  4. WorldClassicBaits

    World Classic Baits Online Store

    After a week, we finally are back with a new, completely rebuilt online store. Hope you’re going to like it as much as we do. In our opinion it’s much more friendly and easy to use for our customers. Try its mobile version too. Unfortunately, after a crash of our old hosting we couldn’t recover our database what means all the customers need to re-register. To make it up this small inconvenience, we prepared 15% discount for first 100 orders made via our new online store. Each customer can use code just once. Simply use coupon code: WELCOMEBACK at checkout. http://store.worldclassicbaits.com/ Thank You Magdalena at WorldClassicBaits
  5. WorldClassicBaits


    Just noticed the mistake. Don't add anything to it.
  6. WorldClassicBaits


  7. WorldClassicBaits


    Michigan 126lb in 4 Fish, and biggest Fish 29lb???? You should check that. Mathematically impossible. Other than that good job everybody despite the weather.
  8. WorldClassicBaits

    PB Crayfish Boilies from WCB

    Famous PB Crayfish Boilies along with Pop ups, Hookbait Boilies and Amino Aroma Sprays now available in our online store. Perfectly combined pineapple, banana and crayfish flavor by Mike Dragone and Ed Wagner now as WCB PB Crayfish.
  9. WorldClassicBaits

    Wooden Shoe Carp Classic 2014 May, 17-18

    Add Ernest Kolodziejczyk please
  10. WorldClassicBaits

    2013 CAG May Big 4 Finale!

    congratulations to the winners! Great carp caught this year.
  11. WorldClassicBaits

    Midwest Cag Regional, Battle Of The States

    If someone wants to order WCB products we gladly deliver to the venue. Ernest can take it with him. just contact me. thank you Magdalena
  12. WorldClassicBaits

    Flavored Maize in a can - NEW from WCB

    The freshest product from World Classic Baits - the freshest flavored field corn (maize) locked in cans. Unique and one of the oldest process of preserving food- canning makes our maize perfectly flavored and gives ideal firmness to each kernel. Comes in 8oz can with easy pull opening and a plastic lid for your convenience. Keep in refrigerator once opened in between sessions to maintain best quality of the product. WCB Maize in can catches like no other! Available now in our online store and soon in best bait stores. For limited time in great introductory price. Try today! Magdalena at WorldClassicBaits
  13. New Line of Baits - Compulsion available from our store, WackerBaits and good carp bait stores in US. Compulsion Baits contains Biosource/ Jigsaw biostimulant: amino acid compound formulated by dr. Patrick Mills. Read more about Biosource effect directly from: http://www.biosourcebaits.com/ It really works! Compulsion Baits are available in a new complex flavor: BioActive More new and unigue flavors coming later this spring and summer. Hookbait Boilies 1lb Boilies Amino Aroma Sprays available in Pineapple, Scopex, 4Season, Sweet Corn, Strawberry, Tiger Nut and newest addition BioActive. Tight Lines, Magdalena at WorldClassicBaits
  14. WorldClassicBaits

    Lots of credit card fraud recently

    World Classic Baits accepts only Paypal payments. Sorry to hear that so many people experience this situation. Magdalena at WorldClassicBaits