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  1. Yep nothing wrong with perch but I don't eat any fresh water fish from Long Island Lake's except stoked trout, run off from the home and streets not good.
  2. I haven't been carp fishing in a few years but recently I rediscovered my long-lost love of fly-fishing. Yesterday I pushed myself and got out on the lake. No signs of trout anywhere but I did catch one yellow perch and was Happy. Now I feel better and I broke the ice and next weekend I'll be going upstate to fish the reservoir. We have to remember if you love fishing you must make the time for it, just like anything else in life. You have to push yourself or you're not going to get it done.
  3. You have to make time, come on man!
  4. Good job, you'll get them next time!
  5. Got on the trout with the fly rod...So much fun
  6. Nice Trout today in NY, 25inch, 8lbs
  7. I live south shore Long Island , When I salt fish I fish south and North...
  8. Not a carp, looks like sturgeon... .
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