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  1. Got my copy today(23 Jan).
  2. Took this from a past PM you sent me. "Need to find some places to fish this winter when the lakes/rivers are in winter draw-down." I just put the quote marks on it.
  3. Attempted fraud on credit card. Vendors in last year: Resistance Wacker Cabela's CAG thru Paypal First attempts at fraud on 2/16
  4. Several carp anglers (including myself) have had their credit cards used fraudulently within last few weeks or days. I found out about this from Facebook. I had not used my card for a few months. Is it a coincidence that several carp angler were hit in a short time period, or has someone hacked CAG or an online tackle store?
  5. I wish CAG had not made the fly fishing section private. It should not have been a single person's decision. The fly fishing director's decision basically ended CAG's fly fishing forum. I will support any efforts to bring it back as a free section.
  6. I have never tried your flavored baits but it looks like I should. Sign me up for 1 tubb of each of your favorites(wild whiskey, wild peach berry, and sweet fire).
  7. Have now paid shipping charges and sent the rest of the bid to CAG. Looking forward to seeing a British carp magazine for the first time.
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