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  1. jmfauver

    Fuji finepix s1000fd 10 megapixel camera

    Sent you a PM
  2. jmfauver

    Cool Dad's 27 Pound Carp!

    Cool Dad Strikes again!!!!
  3. As many of you know when it comes to day in and day out fishing,I would rather catch a carp then any other fish.The main reason is the different ways to catch them and it makes it real easy to catch a good one...I headed to my favorite place to fish this morning with some hope of catching a few fish...Much to my surprise it was really slow from 4 am until just about 6am,then all heck broke loose.I managed to land 3 in about 30 minutes.After watching them raise one of the gate and water rise over a foot in the next 15 minutes I figured my day was done,but then this 19pd'er decided to finish my day with a bang ..My buddy Tony wants the credit for the big one,but he was just posing...Total 4 fish weight 46pds..
  4. jmfauver

    Georgia Roll Call!!

    Ken, You are just a little bit South of me...I fish up on the Savannah River behind the Airport Off 56...If you come North on a Saturday mornign stop in the Lock and Dam look for a blue GMC Sonoma backed into a parking spot,walk up and ask for the lead guy ( most folks know me) I will be there this Saturday 6/16 until at least 9am showing a new carper how it is done...
  5. I would agree it was a success and the next trip is being planned as we speak...Thanks Captain
  6. Being part of the Ol Captains crew means alot to me,but it also puts some pressure on me to take up challanges that in the past I may not have taken.It also makes me realize how fortunet I am to have so many people that are true friends. Our base of operation for this trip was Jere Shai Lakeside,this is a campground that allows folks to fish from the bank for $2 a day per person. Now this trip started to form around Master week 2012.I got a call from my friend who owns a Driving range here in Augusta.Nick asked if I could put a trip together for him and his step-son Hunter.I will never pass up an opportunity to help put a smile on a kids face.After speaking to Nick about the trip I found that Hunter's current big fish was a 2pd catfish,Nick even admitted that his big fish was only about 5 pds. Now I had a goal in mind,I wanted to get both their biggest fish.Now for those who know me you realize I started to contemplate fishing for carp as this would give them the chance at not only catching a big fish but catching a few of them... Fast forward to Wed 6/6, I meet with Nick to finalize plans and make sure fishing a fishing license is bought.Nick says Oh by the way Hunter's brother Zach is now going and so is Keith. Now Keith is an established fisherman from the middle GA area.Keith is one of the soldiers in the " Green 2 Green" program that runs from Nick's driving range. I was still focused on Hunter and Nick and their all time big fish,but in the back of my mind I really figured I had my work cut out for me to impress Keith as well. The trip could not begin quick enough for me,I slept very little wondering if this trip would be worth it...We made our way from Augusta and arrived just after 6am ( A little late for a day break picture). Now after setting up my 2 carp rods it only took a few minutes before the first bite of the day,as luck would have it I was standing there alone and had to land the first fish of the day.I managed to land a 6pd 6oz( the OZ sizes are estimates as my scale uses a 1/10 scale system) golden ghost,this really got everyone excited.Not 15 minutes later it was fish on again,this time Hunter was close enough to get the rod,after a short battle he landed a 6pd 10oz fish,breaking his big fish record by 4 plus pounds. Now while all this is going on we are catching some 1-2pd eating cats and some other fish from the river ( mostly bluegills),of course we did catch a few monsters cats ( yeah right). Now when Zach got there I thought this college kid was going to be her to just read and hang out , but that quickly changed when we got another fish on the line, this fish put up a fight and when we saw it we knew it was the biggest so far.Zach landed a 9pd 12oz ghost,which according to him was by far his biggest ever.So now all I have to do is get Nick his big fish,unfortunately all I could get for him was a small but feisty 4 pd fish. While the day rolled along we all managed to catch a nap or 3.About 3 pm or so Gary " Catfish " Turner came down to sample the fishing.I have known Gary for about a year or so and find it humbling the amount of fishing time he puts in teaching kids how to fish.Gary and Hunter quickly started catching small bluegills for catfish bait for later in the evening.As you can tell by now Keith really just sat back and waited,he waited until after the sunset and then proceeded to teach us how to catch catfish and a lot of them,including a 6pd 8 oz blue cat. Was the trip a success or not? 9 total carp landed big fish to Zach 9pd 12 Oz. More catching and bluegills then you can shake a stick at ( even though the fishing slowed in the afternoon) My bet would be that it was . In fact I know it was I got the hang out with some good friends and even made a new one.While we were fishing it was suggested that we try and setup a trip for a small group of soldiers from " Green 2 Green", this will be my next big mission is to make this trip happen.
  7. jmfauver

    Tadpole And The Pipes!

    Anyone got an extra Small CAg T-shirt for TadPole? great pictures and story Captain...Congrats on your newest GrandChild
  8. jmfauver

    3 Okuma Baitrunners For $100

    MO in mail today
  9. jmfauver

    3 Okuma Baitrunners For $100

    Please send me your address I will buy
  10. jmfauver

    Looking For Gear

    Joe, Send me an address and I will send you a small Package for Christmas...I have a bunch of stuff I do not use or need ( Hooks mostly)..Since I pour lead I will send you some flat no-roll weights ( just tell me what size)....Good to see your addiction still is there my friend...
  11. jmfauver

    Looking For A Guy Or Two Who

    DCL is a resort area.Many folks go there instead of running to the coast ....I was born and raised around Baltimore MD...Most hotel rooms in and around Baltimore run $100-150 a night....
  12. jmfauver

    The Magnificent Seven And.........

    Another great way to spend a day...The fish were the bonus!!! When you can share a session with some great people the catching is secondary...Capt,I want to thank you again for all you do for the CAG contingent here in GA. I cannot thank the Captain and his crew enough for reintroducing me to the sport that I loved and lost,but will never lose again..
  13. jmfauver

    Bait For Sale

    PM sent
  14. jmfauver

    Need Help

    I agree take the basic just in case you tag out early...Good luck and shoot a good one!!!!
  15. jmfauver

    Tomorrow At Wallace Dam

    I am hoping to hit it on Saturday....4hrs fishing in the last 6 weeks is killing me!!!