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  1. im bettin we haven't seen the last of Neil......:-)
  2. Im confused as to how there is a group compromise of accounts featuring different vendors and different ways of paying (cc and paypal) in different states and overseas all ordered from different web sites from different computers in different states by different people .
  3. i know your not anti cag (thats why i threw in the word membership) and thanks and good luck .
  4. josh just a question ..... since i know you are anti CAG membership do you plan on ponying up the balance of the membership money if you win ?
  5. Larry if you look at pats post (first post of the thread btw ) you will see a underlined word that says HERE thats where the pics are and all the non members are listed in the voting poll and its up to you to pick from the three submissions of each as to which fish you feel is the best looking of the non member fish caught
  6. kingfishers mirror was my screensaver for over a year..... as he said a stunner.
  7. the berkely boilies are in the mail:-) yes they really are the big brown truck will be deliverying the tomorrow so after removing foot from mouth i am sure you can do better than a measly 15$ right.......:-)
  8. click here link not workin
  9. wooo hoo rod will never be the same now his idol on the front cover, look for this to be framed and hung over his workbench congrats
  10. send it to me too and ill send you the other pin congrats
  11. if this item goes for more than$12 dollars ill throw in a 2007 ATC pin
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