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  1. Kevin ATX

    Fox FX Rucksack

    Received the rucksack yesterday, and its awesome! Thanks, Miguel & CAG!
  2. Kevin ATX

    Fox FX Rucksack

    email sent
  3. Kevin ATX

    2013 CAG May Big 4 Finale!

    Congrats to all the winners! Awesome fish!
  4. Kevin ATX

    Wts:exorcist Big Pit Reel.

    PM Sent.
  5. Kevin ATX

    2012 Big 4 How-To Guide

    I am in! Can't wait to get started.
  6. Kevin ATX

    100 Fb Likes Begginer Mini-Tournament With Aca

    Thanks for contributing a year membership to CAG, Neil! I think thats awesome. We appreciate you support!
  7. Austin Carp Angler is almost at 100 likes on Facbook! To commemorate this milestone, we would like to offer a mini-beginners tournament with ACA for anyone who has never fished for carp, but would like to. When we hit 100 likes, we will post on our Facebook page. The first 3 people to comment requesting entry will get come out to Lady Bird Lake to fish and compete with Austin Carp Angler! We will bring all the gear and bait; all you have to do is bring yourselves. Anglers will be split into 3 teams, pairing each with an ACA angler. Whoever catches the most will leave with some carp gear to get you started in catching some carp of your own! If you know anyone who has never fished for carp, but they would like to, send them our way. Our goal is to show anglers who are interested in carp, how to fish and care for them properly. Winner will receive a carp rod, bait runner reel, bank stick, bite alarm, unhooking mat, and landing net! "Like" us on Facebook!
  8. NICE! Congratulations!
  9. Kevin ATX

    2012 Atc Tee Shirts

    Put me down for 2 XL, please.
  10. Kevin ATX

    An Unexpected Surprise. Our First Koi!

    Thanks ya'll! We hope to return soon with proper gear and really see whats out there. We figure if a 11lb 4oz was caught in the margins, then bigger fish lie deeper. We will be sure to post our results.
  11. Kevin ATX

    An Unexpected Surprise. Our First Koi!

    We used 9ft rods and a very basic rig. Just line and and a hook with some bread on it. The end zone hook I used seemed to work really well.
  12. Mike and I went to scout out a local swim that we heard about from a local angler. The result was a koi wonderland! Check out all the pics and the complete story on our blog at, AustinCarpAngler.com You can also check us out on Facebook, be sure to click the like button to show your support!
  13. Kevin ATX

    Random Gear For Sale

    I am still interested if your willing to ship it to TX. Just sayin lol.