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    Carp Fishing, Snowboarding, World Rally Championship, Formula One Racing, in fact any sort of racing that does not happen on an oval (I mean what is the freaking point of going round and round an oval)

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  1. Keith Thompson Keith Texas
  2. Neither Decker and Ladybird are “easy” waters. For a beginner I would suggest the day use area at Emma Long Metro Park on Lake Austin.
  3. Rule under discussion should say "Must be in the same region" not state
  4. Your name: Keith Your CAG forum name: Keith Your state or province of residence: TX The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue: TX
  5. I have no issues adding my fish to the leaderboard, however I don’t see how to see how I am doing either nationally or regionally. Is there a separate link to just view the leaderboard
  6. Keih Thompson 3:40 pm, 27 with wind chill , 14lb 7oz Common carp. Texas
  7. 12:00 pm still 22 with the wind chill. New Common PB at 31lb
  8. Air temp 22 with the wind chill. 11:15 am lovely Common of 16lb 8oz
  9. I am in Name: Keith Thompson CAG Forum Name : Keith State: Texas
  10. Carl - I know of one, from the lake that we cannot name, that was over 40lb
  11. Longhorn Dam on Ladybird Lake in Austin Texas Keith Thompson Texas
  12. Keith Thompson 13lb 3oz 9:20 AM Watet temp 53f
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