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  1. Hmm. i dont even remember what we did last year... $10 for each, Big common, big buff, 1+1, and total common weights i think? Enter all or none or anything between.
  2. Texas-Z

    ATC Rules

    Seems reasonable to me. I'll talk to the guys about it.
  3. Texas-Z

    ATC Rules

    All anglers are required to have a VALID Texas fishing License ; you may purchase them by phone at (800)895-4248. Or online at:http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/ Licenses are also sold at Wal-Mart, Academy, and other sporting goods stores. If you wsould like to fish prior to the tournament we can recommend areas that will be permitted. Austin Lake has a campground (Emma Long) and it is a very similar type of venue (see rules). there are some growths of Hydrilla and Milfoil, so beware! Another Venue is Decker Lake, known for Large Buffs. Rules: -No pre-fishing in Ladybird Lake (Town Lake)from Sund
  4. Gosh guys we are so sorry for not seeing and responding here sooner. Sometimes we get so caught up with social media that we forget about the forums. Here is a post from FB in regards to the dates. Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention please ... The Carp Anglers Group and Austin Carp Angler would like to proudly announce that the ATC 2016 dates have been set ... Mark your calendars for Feb 25-27, 2016 (Thur-Sat) ... Registration will be opening real soon, stay tuned. Fish on!
  5. Texas-Z


    I love you... I hate you... I love you! Lmao, great job man! Huge congrats on the win. I knew we were in trouble when yall pulled that peg. And sure as #### yall handled business. Keepin that trophy local, thats what im talking about. Congrats again my friend!
  6. its right around the corner on 71. Directions from the hotel will be handed out.
  7. 2015 ATC Itinerary Thursday Feb 26 3pm-6pm : Angler check in at headquarters casita (License check, team buckets, scale certification, side pots, t-shirts available after 5pm) 6pm : Opening remarks and such 630pm : Dinner will be served 630pm-quitting time : Socializing and whatnots Friday Feb 27 530am : Peg draw at Wyndam conference room 7am : fishing commences 11am (approx) : lunches delivered to swims 7pm Day 1 fishing concludes Sat. Feb 28 530am : Peg draw at Wyndam conference room 7am : fishing commences 11am (approx) : lunches delivered to swims 7pm : Day 2 fishing concludes 830pm : Dinn
  8. There will be driving directions with each peg at the peg draw. If you want you can snap pics of the ones ypu want to visit at the draw. If you still need help on the day of, one of us locals would be more than happy to help.
  9. No, they can't make it this year. Plus they know im takin the trophy home anyways.
  10. Srv has not been pegged very often, when it was it was a pain in the ass cause of the off leash dog park.. well city ordnance has changed and thats no longer off leash. And that swim shares water with penn, mid penn and s. 1st... any of which have the potential to win the atc. Least that was my logic behind pegging dev.
  11. Srv is the Stevie ray Vaughn statue by south first. Ojs is directly across from Joe's crab shack, between kiddie park and 35 west.
  12. Thank you all! If anyone is able to get ahold of the Bates bros, can you point them at this thread? they are the onl ones im missing now.
  13. Eddie... I tried to message you but it wont go through for some reason. Can you mail me or FB me, i need to get some more info from you. Thanks
  14. Thank ya sir! much appreciated!
  15. Ok anglers! I have been tasked with getting the information about the banquet out there and I am excited about doing so! This years awards banquet will be held at Patsy's Cafe, an iconic Austin eatery located a few blocks from the hotel. So, we have negotiated 3 menu options (that have been taste tested by the ACA crew) and came up with the following awesome meals... TEXAS BRISKET PLATTER Slow cooked beef brisket, simmered & soaked in Patsy's own BBQ sauce, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. SHINER CHICKEN Chicken breast marinated in Shiner Bock stuffed with Boursin Cheese and
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