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  1. tonypigz

    Delete my account

    We sure do, and i want it deleted. I don't want my picture and information on here any longer and there is no way for me to delete it myself, this is why I have reached out to the admins.
  2. tonypigz

    Delete my account

    Hello admins, Please delete my account. Thanks, Tony
  3. tonypigz

    Hamilton anglers litter in Cambridge

    The few ruin it for the many Not sure what pics "from facebook" your referring to, but still, why should I have to prove it. I visit this particular swim regularly to check for tailing fish, i was there the day before said angler fished there and there was no garbage anywhere. Again, its private property, not just anyone is allowed to fish there. It rained for a few days so I didnt go back, then I see the pics above on facebook, I went to go check the place out and i find garbage. What am I supposed to think? It rained quite a bit from the day he fished to the day I took my pic of the garbage??? Thats awesome Lorne, good for you guys I dont disagree with that, I clean up after others EVERY time I go fishing, but this is about one particular swim, on PRIVATE PROPERTY, that people dont fish from. No excuse, why do you keep trying to make excuses for his actions? I didnt name names, the angler stepped out on his own and named him self. Point is, if your going to come to my town to go fishing, great, but obey the rules and laws. DONT LITTER. Dont go in the park thats closed after 11pm and have the cops approach you, dont go on private property without permission. Lorne, I seem to remember a post last year that you made about garbage, a whacker baits bag, you found in dundas. Is the kettle calling the pot black here? Since you are the leader of this group, what is your positive approach? Shooting me down for calling someone out? doesnt seem very positive Lorne, Im not sure why you feel the need to oppose everything I say, I feel like its pointless to come on this forum anymore and try to post anything, so in that regard, you have won, you've defeated me in the battle of the keyboards, ok. Good bye CAG, I hope things improve for you guys
  4. tonypigz

    Hamilton anglers litter in Cambridge

    I enjoy cleaning up the river, I ALWAYS find expensive rapala crank baits, floats, softballs and all kinds of great stuff. Of course, doing your part in conservation is always rewarding in itself too.
  5. tonypigz

    Hamilton anglers litter in Cambridge

    The swim where I found the garbage is on PRIVATE PROPERTY, no one fishes there because your not allowed, some of us have permission to go on the property as we know the owners. so no, there wasn't 200 people leaving garbage there. And to carry on the way you guys have been, name calling etc, it really goes to show who has no class. Listen to this, you may think I am a #### starter, but if no one speaks up about the garbage, then nothing will be done. Its simple man, clean up after yourself. Also, clean up any garbage you find around the places you fish, it makes them nicer places to visit and you can avoid situations like this. I ALWAYS bring an empty bag and pick up ALL the garbage around me when I fish, mine or not. I also clean up line and tackle that i find in trees etc when i wade the rivers. We have a never ending battle with the birdwatchers, we lose swims every year. Clean up the garbage and we can fight back against the binocular crew. And dont be name calling, makes you look dumb
  6. tonypigz

    Hamilton anglers litter in Cambridge

    Sorry to generalize Mike, but "the few can ruin it for the many" and trends dont lie, only a few months ago I was hearing about litter and 'HHS' be carved into trees at lasalle, last summer there was a bucket of old method mix and an assortment of trash left at the bridge swim at lasalle by the younger group, last spring, a bunch of wacker baits bags left in dundas. Just hoping these trends arent making their way up to cambridge. Carp anglers here clean up garbage left by others, not the other way around.
  7. Noticed on facebook that a couple of Hamilton carp anglers decided to try out the speed river in cambridge. Awesome, except one thing. They left garbage all over the place and to make it worse, its carp garbage, two items had the word carp on them. Really not impressed with this disrespectful display, it disgusts me. What I found 2 days later Pics I saw on Facebook, not the new world carp monster corn.
  8. tonypigz

    Delete my account

    Agreed! Cag in Canada needs change, unfortunately the change is going to be lost memberships it seems...
  9. tonypigz

    Ice Rod Carp. Canadian Style.

    Hows that rod taste?
  10. tonypigz


    I like those, good price too!
  11. tonypigz


    Lead may be harmful, but for me, I have to fish snaggy spots locally so I use safety clips exclusively and when the fish hits the weed beds the lead almost always comes off. Better to drop a few leads on the river bed than to tether a fish and kill it. I've seen some interesting pictures of a carp that was caught in HH which had line wrapped around its face which it grew into and deformed its head. Don't want to be responsible for that. Besides, as others have mentioned, a lot worse goes into the water everyday, raw sewage, gasoline from boats, oil, six pack holders. A 3 ounce lead goes to bottom, gets covered in silt and virtually disappears. Sucks to drop leads and contribute to polluting our waters but it's a lot safer than driving a boat with a gas motor or tethering fish in the weeds imo.
  12. tonypigz

    Cag Regional Event Invite

    I'm in!!!
  13. tonypigz

    Your Favorite Pic From 2012

    OMG lol, love that pic. good times
  14. good work man, beautiful fish. well deserved. EFFORT = SUCCESS!
  15. tonypigz

    Another Lovely Nov. Afternoon..

    also agree.