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  1. Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher


    I am registering for the FFF 2016 Your name: Dick Laubscher Your CAG forum name: Dick 10 boilies Laubscher Your state or province of residence: Ohio The state or province of your FFF 2016 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/16)?: No
  2. Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher


    Thanks Bill. Yes, I'm bringing Lorene. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  3. Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher


    I'm having trouble finding the name/names of the recommended hotel/motel at Lake Storey. Please help. Thanks!
  4. Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher

    FFF 2015 - Register Here!

    Dick Laubscher Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher Union town, OH Thanks Frank, stay warm!
  5. Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher

    2012 Ccc Shirts Have Been Ordered

    Hi Jim: I'd like 2 shirts in 2XL please. Thanks. Dick L.
  6. Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher

    CCC Results

  7. Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher

    Ohio Carp Challenge

    In all fairness, the fish that I landed hooked itself in the dorsel fin. I had no idea it was on becasue all the locals had tangled several lines. I was trying to free my line and didn't even realize the fish was on. I landed it clear down against the wall to the left. I had made a cast to the far wall at the depth markers and thought I was snagged. The good news is the fish was unharmed and I released him safely. So I just wanted to tell you that there are nice fish in there for furture fish ins at the Black River. Be good to the fish.
  8. Dick 10 Boilies Laubscher

    Indycarpers/CAG Invitational

    Thanks to Westside Bait and Tackle, Gilbert Huxley, all the Indy people that I fished with and the other participants. Special thanks to Phil Davenport and John from Cincy for the fine netting job on my fish. Also, thanks to Shawn and Andy as we traveled and roomed together. A great event! Looking forward to coming back.