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  1. Hey buddy how you doing can you give me a call at Home need to ask you a question about Joliet Tournaments,1-773-498-8300



  2. Taylor-- For FFF purposes, I will soon be creating another sub-thread on the FFF 2018 main thread at which participating anglers will upload their photos. Directions will be provided, but here's a preview: The best way to post a photo is to drag it to the the bottom of each posting window or to choose a file as indicated at the bottom of each posting window. If you are having problems with the photo posting options, I will take your photo and caption information via e-mail and post the photo for you. However, you should know how to post photos on the forum, so please don’t abuse this option. E-mail me at fjrink@comcast.net or pm me at FJR1.
  3. FJR1

    FFF 2017

    Photos and promotions for CAG's 14th First Fishing Folly - FFF 2017!
  4. How do you become a CAG member? Do you have to be a member to participate in the tournaments? Are there even going to be any tournaments in Michigan because I can't travel and I don't want to become a member to participate in tournaments and then not be able to actually do the tournaments, you know what I mean?

  5. Thank you, Dean, for your efforts with NACA and best of luck to the CAG leadership in finding a suitable replacement.
  6. Do you no the address for ccc  so I can book hotel? 

  7. Nicely done! Thanks for your efforts!
  8. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/56466-4th-annual-5-bridges-event-set-for-april-30th-2016/ http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/56454-sign-up-i-heart-carp-fishing-tournament-2616-joliet/ http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/56448-results-dead-of-winter-big-3-tournament-11616-joliet/ Thank you, Willem, for your efforts in getting the forum running again. I was wondering if the forum function that resizes photos to a 500 pixel dimension will be reinstated? Thanks. —Frank
  9. I received mine today (western Chicago suburbs). Thanks to the editors/contributors for their efforts! --Frank
  10. FJR1

    FFF 2016 - Dr. Frank Rink

    Photos submitted by participants in CAG's 2016 Frst Fishing Folly (FFF 2016)
  11. FJR1

    FFF 2016

    Photos and promotional graphics for CAG's 2016 First Fishing Folly
  12. Outstanding choice and well deserved! Congratulations, Horace!! --Frank
  13. FJR1

    CCC 2015 - Dr. Frank Rink

    Banners and pics from the CAG Carp Classic - September 25-27, 2015 - Galesburg and Kewanee, IL
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