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  1. Pennsylvania Roll Call!

    Mike Malone Bensalem Moniker - mean mike - an appellation given me by a waitress during a carping trip. Have not been carpin much in the last four years due to duties at home. Am considering a roll up to the St. Larry next week. Local fishing usually done at Blue Marsh, Marsh Creek and Ontelaunee. Miss the old farts fishins that were on the St. Larry for a few years. Euro Carpin for about twelve years. Mike
  2. Re-Beginning Carping

    Thought that this clever little piece of humor might lighten your day. After a long bit of health problems, I told my practioner I was looking forward to some renewed bankside time. He suggested I might want to exercise a little first and gave me this workout routine. >EXERCISE FOR PEOPLE OVER 50 >Begin by standing on a comfortable surface , where you have plenty of >Room at each side. With a 5-LB potato sack in each hand, extend your >arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can. >Try to reach a full minute, and then relax. Each day you'll find that >you can hold this position for just a bit longer. >After a couple of weeks, move up to 10-LB potato sacks. Then try 50-LB >potato sacks and then eventually try to get to where you can lift a >100-LB potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for more >than a full minute. (I 'm at this level.) After you feel confident at >that level, put a potato in each sack. I've already started. See you bankside soon. Mike
  3. St Lawrence Trip

    Fog rolling in from Canada at the Riverview. Last day the Seniors were fishing.
  4. St Lawrence Trip

    can't get the photo to upload. Later
  5. digital cameras

    For digital prints comparable to traditional film prints, your image resolution should be about 300 dpi. Here is a table that compares traditional film size digital camera resolution needed based on print quality of 300 dpi. Finished Photograph Size vs Megapixel Needed For Clear/Quality Shot 3R (3.5" x 5") 1.5 megapixels 4R (4" x 6") 2.2 megapixels 5R (5" x 7") 3.2 megapixels 6R (6" x 8") 4.4 megapixels 8R (8" x 10") 7.2 megapixels Super 8R (12" x 8") 8.7 megapixels So, high quality web-shared photos for large screen display require about 4 or 5 megapixel. Pretty darn good can be gotten with 3 megapixel. That's just for snap shots, though; you and a buddy, a fish or two and up close shots of your peg or swim or bivvy. For good or better, web-shared photos that show of a bit of the lake or river or any wide or 'a bit distant' scenary, 5 megapixel or higher can be needed for clarity. Be sure to try to get at least a seven power mechanical, not digital zoom, in order to make full use of your camera's potential. All this being said, you can also just remember that half or better of those looking at your snaps are like me; half BLIND. Maybe the ols 1.2 meg camera is just fine. Mean
  6. Junior tournament /St Lawrence

    Yo Terry, It looks like the junior tournie fever is already taking off. Just got an email from one of last year's contestants. She plans on winning this year and is already putting her kit together. Mean
  7. Natural pics

    Lovely picts. Thanx. Mean
  8. 2005 CHICAGO Carp Classic

    Very nice Paul. Mike
  9. Laser Tornado - pls check it out

    Thank you. Mike
  10. Laser Tornado - pls check it out

    A web search on three different engines failed to come up with a name brand match, to find a maker, or even to find anyone else that sells it. Mean
  11. UK versus USA

    OK, Suggestion for a contest venue. Fishing from boat only; fishing only in water deeper than 30 feet; a water with significant flow. Mike
  12. Who is this with a HUGE common

    For those that are digitally inclined, three cameras that allow for emense presenation of a capture are the; 1) Olympus C 8080 8 megapixel 2) Olympus E 300 Evolt with Zuiko Lenses 8 megapixel 3) Kodak Pro DCS 14n with Nikon lenese 14 megapixel. Mean
  13. What's this? Big shiner?

    The picture makes it look like there is a small barbel between the lip and snout. Hard to tell though. But the bright red fins make it a chub. If it has the barbel, it would be a creek chub or Semotilus. If no barbel, a river chub or Nocomis. Mean Mike
  14. What the heck is this...

    Catostomus commersonii or common sucker. Mean Mike
  15. What the heck is this...

    It would be nice to see the fins. Mean Mike