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  1. Where is Nik at?

    1. Brian Daugherty

      Brian Daugherty

      Nik is gone give up stalking him

  2. Cookie Monsta!!

  3. Its Discovery Month!

  4. Brendan and I have not had any problems with Nash's customer service, Brendan ordered a Nash net 2 years ago and had the spreader block break on him and he contacted Nash and they told him they were having some issues with that nets spreader block and instead of sending him the same net they sent him a net that was a step up from te orginal one that he owned!
  5. I know the problem you are having mark, I can only upload photos from my phone. none of my computers will upload a photo, I just click on it and nothing happens.
  6. Can winter be over with yet???

  7. Love all the stories so far guys! I have one from the ATC that happened to Brendan and myself. Notice in the sign Tom posted it says happier dogs, there was definitely A LOT of dogs everywhere in Austin! On the first day of the ATC Brendan and I were pegged at Red Bud Island which is a giant dog park essentially, the dogs far out numbered people there! Most of the dogs just roamed around without leashes on and did as they pleased. They didn't seem to be too much of an issue at first but as the day got later more and more dogs began to arrive at the park. We had dogs doing anything from attempting to eat our method or to even peeing on a bag of panko we had! All the owners decided to do was stand 20 feet away from there dog quietly calling there names which obviously didn't stop the dogs from doing anything! There was one incident thought that was pretty bad! I was in the process of packing a method ball and a dog decided run through the line in between my rod and the method ball in my hand ripping the method ball out of my hands and my hook going into the dogs leg! The dog didn't seem to notice as he was busy sniffing through stuff, so the owner and ourselves included tried taking the hook out of the dogs leg, unfortunately we could not get it out without putting it in too much pain so we told the owner to take the dog to the vet to unhook it. Well the owner left and a couple hours later a marshall came down to weigh a few fish we had in the sack and we told him the story of how this had happened, well low and behold we see the owner coming back to us with the dog. We thought oh great she is probably furious at us! well that wasn't the case, she came back down and stuck her hand out to give me something, and to my surprise she was giving me my rig back that was stuck in the dog! I apologized to her after thanking her and she then left. I just though it was incredible how she brought my rig back after all that! Austin sure is an interesting place filled with great people! Here is a picture online of the exact spot I was fishing, as you can see dogs where running in and out of the water!
  8. summer is almost here!!!

  9. Every time I order from either of them they get my stuff to me very fast and without any problems! Thanks guys!
  10. Out lookin for new spots!

  11. I love ordering from wacker for all the same reasons stated above such as excellent service and very fast shipping. I'd also like to thank Paul for making up and sending us bait for a recent tourney!
  12. New pb! 32 lbs!

    1. Grasshopper
    2. Austin


      Thanks man, sorry didn't see the comment til now.

  13. Poor little guy I have not seen anything like that before
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