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  1. magicvega

    Active PA members

    I'm from Philly, I know a bunch of people from this area that fish way more then I lol, most don't frequent the forums though. Some are likely even members here. Most use facebook and such to keep in touch and setup small meet ups.
  2. magicvega

    Solid Budget Bite Alarm?

    In my experience the regular NGTS work well for the price, I've had experience with tons of them. The wireless ones seem to have a lot of quality issues. In my family we have 3 sets, all have issues with batteries needing to be replaced 2 x a session, alarm LED lights changing colors and going out, receiver randomly turning off etc etc etc. All this with just a few weeks casual use and they were babied. Never wet, always in a case etc. Also note if there is a issue and you are in the US in order to return them to NGT Fedex/UPS wants $140 or more for shipping. Hope this helps
  3. Nice work on the



    I couldn't post in that topic but just wanted to thank you for all the work everyone put in for the tournament. I really hope I can get up there during this to help out in the years to come!



  4. magicvega

    My annual St. Lawrence trip

    Yeah we always put carp care first, soak and boil the maize. Hundreds of pounds of boilies.... well maybe not this year haha, I have about 30 LBS. I will update the tractor supply list and add in more cracked corn/maize. How were the bugs this year? They were terrible last year, those deer flies tore everyone up lol. The 2nd picture you have really looks like a art piece on someones wall lol.
  5. magicvega

    My annual St. Lawrence trip

    Nice, thanks for the info. We usually end up going mid/late july - early august. We have had OK luck but sometimes only a couple of fish a day between 4-5 people lol. We never baited nearly as much as that, last year we started baiting more, this year stepping it up some. Maybe stepping it up a lot more seeing as how much you chummed haha. We usually are worried going too early and hitting the spawn and its usually a summer vacation. We fish the Waddington area as well.
  6. magicvega

    My annual St. Lawrence trip

    Great write up. I'll be heading to the st lawrence for our annual family trip in a few weeks. Hopefully we have as much luck as you had lol. 40 fish in a day is a lot lol. We will be mostly bank fishing, not sure if its in the same areas. Pictures look amazing. Always interesting shots of the sky there. If you don't mind me asking, about how much per day were you baiting and what were you using? just the typical cracked corn/bird seed/maize type stuff or did you prebait with any boilies? We plan on renting a boat for a day and checking out fishing from a boat, it sounds like it could be good especially avoiding a lot of the weeds/snags.
  7. magicvega

    2016 Seaway 6 Pack Throwdown

    Good luck Bob and everyone! I'll be up there later in july/august. One year I'll actually make it for this instead of getting up there a few weeks later lol. Fatten some fish up for me
  8. Good luck everyone, hopefully later in the year I'll be able to make it out there and get to meet everyone, looks like its going to be a great time
  9. fish in for nj is this weekend on the Hackensack river. Message me for more info 

  10. magicvega

    2015 Champion of the Queen

  11. magicvega

    2015 Can-Am Carp Challenge

    Wow looks like alot of fun, congrats to the winners. Bob, I somehow missed this post and it might of been what I needed to get the other half up there to camp this weekend. LOL. I tried to get up there but she was "afraid of the bears" lol. Maybe next year, Congrats again
  12. magicvega

    Pennsylvania Roll Call!

    Hi guys, my names Mike, I live in Philly, mostly fishing since I was little, fishing for anything that will bite. Years ago me and the girlfriend stumbled on a carp or so during our fishing adventures and was hooked. I really started mainly fishing for carp years ago when I found the PAC site which had a carp fish in on the schuylkill river. I ended up fishing the same day just further down and just hanging out and learning. Louis and Matt hosted the event IIRC and there was another guy I ended up fishing with a few times named Pete, not sure if he is still around fishing but we caught some nice fish in the low 20's there. Even had a laughable experience when my reels drag broke and my whole rod went flying into the river. I generally fish the delaware/schuylkill rivers and I try and get a trip into the Waddington NY area. This year I met up with AFBOB (amazingly nice guy) he hooked us up with a lot of info and such and really made our vacation this year. Can't wait to get back up there again. I'm fairly quiet on the forums, I usually just read alot of them and learn, I'm always up for learning about new spots to fish and new techniques. I ride my bike and such up the kelly drive area often and sometimes stop to say hi to the people fishing there. I've seen someone lately there with a blueish colored mustang and wondered if it was anyone on the boards. Biggest carp caught so far 24.5 pounds. Always looking for bigger It's usually me and the girlfriend fishing together with sometimes my dad/brother joining. We try to go weekly, shes just as much into it as me, she jumped in during this years Waddington trip to swim out to net a fish so we didn't lose it as it was stuck in a snag lol.