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    I been carping since june of 2010 but jst reall started doing tournments since fall of 2012. So i guess u would still call me a newer carper. My goal is Beating all my PB's,becoming a much better carp angler and compete in alot of tournments if i can,getting better to get some sponcers,My kids,Family,Carp fishing,Camping, Hanging with friends,Campfire/bond fires,Harley's.

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    Rick Slinker
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  1. RobertBradley

    FFF 2014 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures Here!

    I didn't get a chance to hit the banks until about 9:00A set up and lines in by 9:30A fished until 4:30P. the biggest I caught was when I went to the bathroom and look at the ground and there was a $20.00 bill so I guess u could say I caught a 20. lol Other then that it was a wrong plan on swim but my oringianl swim & plans where I was planning on going I had to canceled. So was a spur of a moment swims and blanked. it got up to 41 so it was a gd day even tho no fish was even sighted at lest I got some lines wet for a bit. Congrats to all that caught and hope all had a great safe new year. Happy new years all and hope all has a rockin healthy 2014... Let's slam them this year..... Tight lines, Robert Bradley (greenfield carper-(FB))
  2. RobertBradley

    FFF 2014 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures Here!

    beautiful little mirror frank congrats.
  3. I'll be hitting Hubbard's South pay lake on New years eve around 8:30's PM and be fishing through out the night into News years day and fishing New years day with some of the guys with the northern Pay Laker's that will be there for New years fish in.... Its $10.00 for New years eve to fish and New years day its free unless ur want in on the porch pot. So if anyone is interested in joining me new years eve please let me know. I have it set as a event with Carping Of Indiana on FB group so you can come to that page and join in on the fun or leave me a message here. Carping Of Indiana is a part of Carping 4 A cure's Team. The link for the Carping Of Indiana page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1433600783529696/. Hope to have some join me & bring in the New year in on the banks with hopefully some winter carp on the banks... ~Robert~
  4. Love being on such a Caring Team. & having such a great page as well.

  5. Love being on such a Caring Team.

  6. RobertBradley

    FFF 2014 - Register Here!

    Thanks Frank I'll give it a whirl but u know how stubborn these Indiana carp can be specially in cold weather but ill give it a shot. thanks for the kind words. always a pleasure sharing the banks with ya.
  7. RobertBradley

    FFF 2014 - Register Here!

    Your name: Robert Bradley Your CAG forum name: Robert Bradley (greenfield carper) Your state or province of residence:IN If it differs from your residence, the state or province of your FFF 2014 venue: IN Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/14)?:NO
  8. RobertBradley

    For The Love Of The Game

    great job guys.
  9. RobertBradley

    2014 Midwest Regional Smack Talk and Odds

    NO NO that's not the 1...lol the first place..We only trailed by 11# it was a very close race to the end. So if the fish is good to us and we pick some good swims again this year never know where it may go. we may just take it this year.
  10. RobertBradley

    2014 Midwest Regional Smack Talk and Odds

    Sorry guys and gals the trophy coming home with the Indiana team this year.
  11. RobertBradley

    Past two sessions

    Awesome job guys no matter wat season it is ur always amaze me with the fish u all catch. congrats and great job.
  12. RobertBradley

    2014 Midwest Regional Smack Talk and Odds

    For Indiana so far the same team beside for Jathan So don't count ur chickens just yet. it was close last year and the Indiana Teams gonna give the Michigan team a run for the $ again this year hopefully if the fish are good to us. Either way it turns out always a fun, exciting time and always great people... Gonna be another great event and just hope mother nature is better to us this year then last year. Be nice to see friends from all state again after a long winter. So good luck to all... Is it may YET???? GOOOOO TEAM INDIANA. Hope all has a great winter.
  13. RobertBradley

    The 2014 Midwest Regional "Rematch" May 3rd & 4th

    All done and will see you all there for another exciting year. Indiana's gonna rock the house this year.. missed it by 11# last year.
  14. RobertBradley

    The 2014 Midwest Regional "Rematch" May 3rd & 4th

    Thanks Andy be looking forward to fishing with ya all again, and hope to get on board early this time. I had a great time last year... be looking for ur post.
  15. RobertBradley

    The 2014 Midwest Regional "Rematch" May 3rd & 4th

    Add Robert Bradley to the list for indiana as well as I didn't see anything listed in the store yet either. Thanks Robert