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  1. Jim Reynolds

    Posting on CAG

    Roger that.
  2. Jim Reynolds

    hair rigged vs straight hooked corn

    Thanks. Enjoyed reading your post.
  3. Frank, Thank you for the suggestion. I will be sure to have them.
  4. Jim Reynolds

    For Sale

    Is this a rod that can be used for a Spod/Spomb?
  5. Jim Reynolds

    CCC 2015 T- Shirts.

    Ordered mine, thanks.
  6. Jim Reynolds

    CCC 2015 T- Shirts.

  7. Jim Reynolds

    CCC 2015 T- Shirts.

    Bill, Will the T-Shirts be available at the CCC?
  8. Jim Reynolds

    Rail City Fall Classic

    Count me in.
  9. Jim Reynolds

    Registred Anglers & LeaderBoard

    I lost my e-mail and password.
  10. Jim Reynolds

    Few 2015 August carp RI

    Impressive catches you got there.
  11. Jim Reynolds


    Carp from this afternoon. 1:30pm to 4:pm just got home before the rain. Second day in a row. Water still good. Did not have a run the last 20 minutes or so. Other than that it was steady, along with a couple of doubles.
  12. Jim Reynolds


    Frank, thank you. There are many good places to fish unlike other years. Under the bridge one can cast to the pillions and hold without the current coming into play. Normally only those in a boat could fish that. By the High school the current is a non factor. 2 oz lead holds. East of where the railroad bridge was is fishable. I caught my biggest carp ever a few weeks ago by the Dam on the north side. YMCA. And then my choice will be east of the boat docks or east of the water flowage by the ball diamonds. Plenty of room for those that are willing to get muddy. I have found plenty wood to walk on so at this point the mud is not a problem on shore. I am excited about the numbers and the size of the Carp this year. The fish kill several years ago took a toll on fish in general. Good to see some Big Healthy Carp back in the Rock River again at Dixon.
  13. Frank, I will take them. Plan on making the September 26 CCC 2015 in Galesburg