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  1. Carp from this afternoon. 1:30pm to 4:pm just got home before the rain. Second day in a row. Water still good. Did not have a run the last 20 minutes or so. Other than that it was steady, along with a couple of doubles.
  2. Frank, thank you. There are many good places to fish unlike other years. Under the bridge one can cast to the pillions and hold without the current coming into play. Normally only those in a boat could fish that. By the High school the current is a non factor. 2 oz lead holds. East of where the railroad bridge was is fishable. I caught my biggest carp ever a few weeks ago by the Dam on the north side. YMCA. And then my choice will be east of the boat docks or east of the water flowage by the ball diamonds. Plenty of room for those that are willing to get muddy. I have found plenty wood to walk on so at this point the mud is not a problem on shore. I am excited about the numbers and the size of the Carp this year. The fish kill several years ago took a toll on fish in general. Good to see some Big Healthy Carp back in the Rock River again at Dixon.
  3. Couple guys fished it all night and caught 15 carp. Caught more than that in four hours between noon and 4pm on the south side where the sand bar goes out about 1/3 across the river. West of the Peoria bridge .
  4. Wish I knew how to post on here. So first let me say sorry and then take a look at one of the higher teen carp I caught yesterday. 19-9 14-3, and several 7 to 9 pounders. Ended up running out of ground bait and had to go home. Caught all of them caught between 8am and 4pm. most around noon and after. But them again I did not start fishing this location till shortly before noon.
  5. More pics of the Rock River in Dixon, Illinois
  6. This is in Dixon, Illinois on the Rock River at Page Drive just east of the boat ramp. Not often does the water get low enough to fish this part of the river. I have fished it the last few days with helicopter rigs and have had a few runs.
  7. Was not sure how to post. guess I got it figured out.
  8. test to post
  9. Would you consider extending the South side fishing to Monroe Ave.? There is about 40 yards of very good carp fishing between the High Tension Pole and Monroe Ave. Anything west of Monroe would be private Property.
  10. Ok, sounds good. I am working on getting the south side of the river just west of Peoria bridge cleaned up for easier access to fishing that prime location.
  11. Larry, If I can do anything as far as being your eyes and ears in Dixon please let me know. 815-213-2129
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