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  1. Spring fundraiser fishin

    Current list of anglers for April 15th. Lee Y. Dave H. Carver H.
  2. Spring fundraiser fishin

    That is correct lee. I forgot to put that the fishin will be Sunday April 15th .
  3. Spring fundraiser fishin

    I will be hosting my first fundraiser fishin to help raise funds for Team USA in Two Rivers Wi. At parking lot F and new harbor wall if needed $50 entry 50% payout 50% to team USA. Draw at 6 am at parking lot F fish from 7-4. This will be a Big 3 format. Prizes will be based off of number of entries.
  4. Team USA sponsored fish

    I would like to thank everyone who pledged. I will contact you with in the next week. Altough it started out hard I managed to land 21 fish with the biggest fish weighting 20.13 pounds with a total weight (if I added correctly) 213.3 pounds.
  5. Team USA sponsored fish

    Thank you both for the pledges. Lee I will try not to lol. Socalcarper any little bit will help. Once it is said and done I will post final results and I'll will get ahold of u with the details on where to send it. Thank you both once again. Best wishes for you in your event as well.
  6. Team USA sponsored fish

    That would be awesome. Good luck to you guys as well.
  7. Team USA sponsored fish

    Thank you. We fly out the September 17th. Not sure about the per fishing and no I'm am not a part of k1. Thank u on behalf of the team.
  8. Team USA sponsored fish

    Almost. I had just made to team this year. Christian stout was vice captain if I'm no mistaken
  9. Team USA sponsored fish

  10. Team USA sponsored fish

    Hi Folks, I'm trying to help the Team USA 2016 Anglers and other Officials with their expenses to get to the World Carp Fishing Championships, In France in September. As you know, the WCFC is an Olympic-style event run by FIPSed (zero cash prizes, nationally selected teams by each country angling federation, tournament is fished for national pride and the right to run World Championships in the future), so every dollar raised by donations and sponsors is always gratefully received. So, August is Team USA 2016 Carp Squad Sponsorship Month! I'm kicking off the Month by taking time on the 13th to try to catch a Carp of two, and I'm looking for people to pledge me: 1. A dollar (or any amount you wish) for every Carp I catch, or; 2. A dollar (or any amount you wish) for every Pound I weigh in, with; 3. A maximum pledge (what ever you decide ), just in case I actually manage to string a few bites together. I'm organizing a few people to record/weigh my fish, Please contact me if you have any questions; (920)901-7204 or barrelracer255@yahoo.com. Please reply here with pledges Thanks so much, on behalf of the Anglers and Officials of Team USA 2016 Carp Squad. Quote
  11. Ok thank you. Can't weight to make the trip.
  12. Will we be fishing the east side or west side of the river?
  13. Can't weigh to take the trip. Looking forward to it. I going to need a long handled net?