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  1. Way to go James! I'm still waiting on some of my stuff..... man shipping from the UK is slow, but pricey. sf
  2. Adam, I hope to meet you someday. SF
  3. Thank you, I also come from your area. I was born and raised in Westmoreland County in Rillton. SF
  4. Hello, my name is Ernie Stewart. I'm one of the co-founders of the Over-The-Hill Gang. We started with catfishing and after a few years Skammer left for the Carping scene, dragging JigerJim with him. They have been lobbying me to join them for years. I resisted until last week. Everyone knows that carp are a junk fish and not worth fishing for........right? Duh! Anyhow they finally convinced me to come down and try it. End of game! I've maxed out three or more credit cards and am trying figure out how to hide the statements from my wife when they come in , but I'm ready to learn all I can. So many years gone without knowing about the real side of carp. I can't wait for the supplies to come so I can get started. See you on the rivers, Semper Fi
  5. Thanks, Skammer! The wife says thanks too, after she saw the decrease in the checking account........ I don't think she was really serious about finding out where you and Jigerjim live, do you? Oh well, she'll never find out from me. lol SF
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