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  1. greg conger_8749

    Is the CanAm being held this year?

    I believe that vali is trying to organize something for this years event. I will check with him and let everyone know
  2. Hello fellow cag members. I would like to remind everyone about this wonderful event held annually on the st lawrence river in august. I believe that if we work together we can continue with this great event. We need everyones help and are always looking for new sponsors. Please that us know if anyone wishes to help or donate to the tournament
  3. People have been asking about the free membership. How do they get that
  4. greg conger_8749

    2015 Can-Am Carp Challenge

    I hope the members of team canada are out practicing because team usa is hungry for the win. Six days till the can am and i cant wait.
  5. The junior carp tournament is closing in on us. We need cag members to come and help with this event. It is an amazing weekend for all. We all know how hard it is to organize an event especially one of this size. Every little bit helps. If u r interested please contact greg conger at 315-869-1177
  6. greg conger_8749

    2015 Can-Am Carp Challenge

    Team usa has been training like Olympic athletes. Nothing is going to stop this well oiled machine of carp catching fanatics. Team canada better bring alot of beer and "bacon" to help through their depression of defeat. Lol. Cant wait to see you guys
  7. greg conger_8749

    2015 Can-Am Carp Challenge

    This event my favorite one to attend. The comradery and relaxed atmosphere is a carp anglers dream vacation. If there is only one event that you can attend I would recommend the Can-Am. P.S. USA is bringing the trophy back to its real home this year
  8. greg conger_8749

    St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament

    just a reminderto all cag members that cag is now part of the st lawrence junior carp tournament. This is a large tournament with up to 100 to 125 youths. As many of you know it takes a lot of people and time to organize an event. I hope that some of our members can spare some time to come and help with this. If you cant make the event dates we could use help with peg clearing,pre-baiting and measuring out pegs. I hope that we get to see some new faces this year at the tournament. we also host a marshalls and volunteer tournament on sunday. Lots of fun and a great way to meet new anglers and share fishing techniques. I will keep posting as a reminder and update everyone on dates and times. Thank you and hope to see you soon
  9. greg conger_8749

    Great example of a carp angler in action...

    happy to see other anglers out cleaning up the shoreline. It should be a major part of ur gear to bring trash bags with u when u go fishing. im usually more impressed to see pictures of beautiful clean hen thswims te pics of the carp. Keep up the good work
  10. greg conger_8749

    cold weather carp fishing

    hello everyone, For many of us carp anglers that live in the northern hemisphere where ice fishing season can be longer the regular fishing season it makes it hard to get out early and get some practice sessions in. I would like to open this topic in hopes for all anglers to communicate on when and where there are open water for carp fishing. Maybe there are some helpful hints about fishing cold water out there also. I have had some luck in the cold waters with freshly boiled canned sweetcorn and heated up boilies. if anyone else has any suggestions i hope you r willing to share them. Hope to see you all on the banks
  11. r we going to set up a table at registration so people may sign-up to become cag members. Should we give a trial membership to all the junior participates so they can get a glimpse into the cag world? if we r going to post results and pic on the cag site we need to allow all participates and family to be able to view the site. for any cag member who is not familiar with this tournament,it is a lot of fun. if their is any member who can come and help it would be greatly appreciated. tournament is in late august and the fishing is wonderful. I have been involved with my children for 4 years now. even though I have been in many adult tournaments and caught many of my own carp it is twice as exciting watching a 10 year old 60 pound kid reel in a giant carp. hope to see u all there
  12. greg conger_8749

    FFF 2015 - Register Here!

    I would like to register for the first fish folly. Greg conger. New york
  13. greg conger_8749

    FFF 2015 - Register Here!

    I would like to register for the first fish folly. Greg conger. New york