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  1. Can't help with fishing but I'm sure you have tasted Lexington BBQ. We miss the fish camps in the Carolinas. Good fishing! Just try those places and see what is there.
  2. If you want a thrill, catch a carp on fly tackle. Planning on catching trout and carp this year. "Life is more exciting when you have something to look forward to." Linus in a Charlie Brown cartoon.
  3. Small creeks are a favorite for trout. Will be on the lookout for carp water. Nice day for you!
  4. One can fish all year in Tennessee with some delayed harvest regulations for trout, that is, catch and release regulations and artificial bait only. C'mpn down! www.tnwildlife.org
  5. 64 here today but lakes are down to winter levels. Lots of places are mud flats. They won't start to fill until early May.
  6. Carp in all 50 states so that covers a lot of water.
  7. Iain, thanks for the link. Caught my first and only carp on the skinny stick last summer. Got it on the list for this year. Know of a place that has some grass carp, too. Will report back on any success.
  8. Actually went last week. Getting glasses tomorrow. I even tried a magnifying glass! However, gnats are small and a good source for fish.
  9. Just what we need, another invasive. Wonder how it got there? Jeremy Wade had one hit him in the chest. He developed a heart condition as a result.
  10. Ken, could be a hatch of some sort. Your eyes must be better than mine as I don't see anything.
  11. That is your homework assignment. Not sure as I've not seen anything here that is related to that lake. The fun of carp fishing is exploring new places. We even have a Discovery Month where we are challenged to try different places.
  12. Don't do it. I have sold things in the past and regretted it. I could replace them but the cost is 3-4X the original cost of the item.
  13. WTG! Best to our neighbors in Canada! This is an indication that the common carp is being accepted as a game fish. Wish the states here would do likewise.
  14. Good fishing on March 20th and hope the weather is favorable.
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