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  1. Interesting request. I'm finding now that I creak when playing a fish. Just waiting for something to fall off or break.🤗
  2. As a teacher, I don't think Frank stopped teaching- went from the classroom to bankside where he could teach others to catch carp. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him but the comments speak highly of the gentleman.
  3. I read a book about a guy who walked on water in a desert climate! MOCarper, nice way to spend the day. You should have saved the place for Discovery Month. Didn't get any fishing tackle for Christmas but anticipation of doing more carping this coming year. Wife and I talked about having two of our grandsons spend the night and be on the bank at sunrise.
  4. If you had landed the Joker part and made a couple of million, just think of all the carp gear you could have bought. Maybe even a chauffeur-driven barrow. Always enjoy your photos...and the smile. Happy holidays!
  5. MOCarper always shows some fantastic photos of carp. He is also sponsored by the America Dental Association.😁
  6. Yes, that, too. Get a catapult (slingshot or flip, depending on where you live). You get good coverage in your swim in just a few minutes. Keep putting out some range cubes (actually range cylinders) periodically to keep them in the area. Good luck!
  7. Most states do not allow transporting fish from one body of water to another unless it is private waters as a farm pond, etc. Prevents spread of disease, etc.
  8. There are as many ways to prepare bait as Carter has little liver pills. I mix deer corn and cracked corn (Jimmy cracks the corn for me but I don't care), add water and any flavor from the grocery shelf and bring to a boil. Take off the burner and let it sit to absorb the water. I stir it occasionally.
  9. Had a good one! Kids and grandkids are all local except for our oldest grandson and his wife. They are roughing it in Puerto Rico. He plays pro baseball and is there through January.
  10. The word blank leads to other words like blankety-blank, etc.
  11. If someone asks what you are doing, hopefully that will be the time you get a run. Let them reel in the carp (hope it's a carp, buff not bad) with you netting it. Place it on the mat, explaining why you have a fin-friendly net and mat. Use the weighing sling, if you have one, and show them the weight. Then challenge them to hang around and try for a new PB! Welcome to GA for your son. Used to live there.
  12. Jennifer, thanks for sharing your memories of your Uncle Bernie. I never had the pleasure or honor to meet him but all the posts show that he was well liked and respected by carp anglers here and abroad. I have the YouTube video on my viewing list.
  13. Interesting but totally devoid of any logic. Example- a comedian said you could get arrested for spitting in a subway in NYC but they don't do anything if you throw up.
  14. How many rods can you put out if trolling for lake trout or salmon?
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