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  1. I'll join you in welcoming John Castellese! Looking for photos of giant fish from y'all. I have a digital camera and love it. Looking to upgrade to one with interchangeable lenses. I download the photos to my laptop and can view them on the screen. Have several hundred photos. Part of the fun is experimenting along with reading the manual and a book by a professional photographer/teacher. BTW, I have a Canon T-70; was told it was worth absolutely nothing. Retired photographer said he had some film cameras that he couldn't give away.
  2. Film? What is that? Congrats on a good day and an outstanding capture.
  3. Good to fish with the kids, no matter what species. This could start a friendly competition among the three of you- who catches the biggest carp.
  4. it will be real low. IMHO, it won't be fishable until the lake is at summer pool and, even then, it is shallow for a ways out from the waterline. Check it out, though. You might go to the dam. Need to have you show me where to fish below the dam. Never fished Chickamauga Dam before.
  5. There have been reports of carp over 30 and 40 but BFers clean them out. Tennessee Wildlife magazine had an article on carp fishing about 10 years ago. The writer pinpointed the place. Bad move. Ran across an ad for BFing guide in Dayton, TN. Fished the Chick a couple of times. Was told that one has to bait real heavy but the time from home isn't conducive to baiting every day when there are places much closer. Problem around here is the lack of access. If you look at an aerial map of the Chick on Google Earth Pro, there are very, very few places that offer access. I printed off the fishing access list for the TWRA. I decided to check on a few of them. One was fishing off a bank of about 8 to 10 feet high. Others were bank areas that were nothing but dirt and/or mud.
  6. I limit my FB views to five FB groups and they all have to do with fishing. A friend told me to sign up on FB when I was the state TU chair. First post...a member's wife was telling she was going to the grocery store. How gives a rodent's rear end? A friend's daughter posted they were going on a 10 day vacation. Her father told her, "Good. Now you have told every burglar within a 100 miles where you will be gone for 10 days so they can clean out everything they can carry."
  7. Spawning? Looking at the tail. Just think how big it is after 10 years!
  8. Can't help specifically but there were several who traveled to Florida for the First Fish Folly. They caught carp and were warm, all at the same time. I think they fished the Apalachicola River just south of the GA state line. I recall seeing an article about them in the NACA magazine- Horace La Favor wrote this in the Winter 2010/2011 issue. Check the archives on the main CAG website. Good carping!
  9. As far as biting, water temps would be a big factor. Here's my advice- go fishing! Good luck!
  10. I would think (scary, isn't it?) that anywhere along the TN River would be possible to catch carp. I have driven from TN across AL on Hwy 72 and see places to fish. However, AL seems to be like TN with very few places to fish from the bank. I recall seeing some parks that might be open enough. Also, places I fish in TN are high and dry right now. Scout around and see what is available. Good luck and let us see some photos of your catches.
  11. Run? Who was chasing you? Thanks for the photos. "And a good time was had by all."
  12. Interesting request. I'm finding now that I creak when playing a fish. Just waiting for something to fall off or break.🤗
  13. As a teacher, I don't think Frank stopped teaching- went from the classroom to bankside where he could teach others to catch carp. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him but the comments speak highly of the gentleman.
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