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  1. Hi Rob!

    Apologies for the random personal message - my name's Dave and I've just relocated to NH (Nashua) from GA - I'm originally from England and did a lot of carp fishing over there.

    I got your name from the CAG forum and thought I'd get in touch.

    I was wondering if you had any advice/help on fishing lakes / rivers / reservoirs in New England that had good shore access - i'm doing some online research and it seems a little hard to find some water that doesn't have a million houses on it. 

    I know the carp fishing scene can be a little "clicky", but if you'd be willing to pass on any pointers I'd really appreciate it. All my carp fishing tackle is currently in the UK and I'm looking at shipping it over and targeting some waters here next spring.

    I've just moved to Nashua (NH) and looked at lakes in NH/MA/RI/CN etc.

    Many thanks - cheers!

    Dave (aka "Westie")


  2. Selling two mint condition Shimano 8000oc reels. Only used for half the season last year. The reels are around 150$ each new, looking to get 200 for both. Thanks, -Rob
  3. What a run!! Have to show this to some others who have asked "how hard can a carp actually take he bait???" Great vid.
  4. Jerome, I used to use Okuma bait runners before going with shimano, I loved them for awhile except with time the bait runner feature stops functioning correctly. Sometimes the line runs sometimes it doesn't....just giving you a heads up.
  5. Just got this in the mail today! Everything as advertised, would never hesitate buying anything from hawgmaster, fast shipping as well! Thanks again.
  6. I wouldn't go with anything but shimano, I have the 8000oc on my 12 footers, but I run with the 4000oc on my shorter rods that I use for tight spots and I love them. Flawless bait runner feature and extremely dependable. Fairly reasonable in price. You can find them used all the time on some of the tackle sale pages on Facebook or new at any dicks sporting goods for around 125$.
  7. Fox Stalker Plus Rod Pos http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/56344-fox-stalker-plus-rod-pos/
  8. Nice job Man! Should be taking a trip down to SC this year at some point, we should hit it up
  9. Looking for two Txi's, let me know what you have! -Rob
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