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  1. Tim Columbo Tim Columbo Massachusetts
  2. Finally a successful FFF!! The tale begins Dec 31st 2017 decided weeks prior to take on the cag sponsered FFF with my little brother Martin Columbo. We were so excited to get out on the 1st and get our first carp of the year but mother nature put a dampener on that. The week before we had weather in the 20s and that week pretty much the same but we were still hopeful and committed to getting a few in the net. So we took off at 11:30 pm to a warm water discharge in the heart of the city Boston in Massachusetts only to find out it was completely frozen over. Now being the new year the pressure was on to find a venue that wasnt iced over. We searched and searched with no luck then finally around 5am finding a small pond with a little open water amongst the sheet of ice covering the rest of the surface area. We gave it a good go fished until 4pm that afternoon with no luck blanked out our first FFF. So after last years defeat we both said to each other where gonna come back next year and make it happen even if we have to travel to another state or states. But as luck had it this year was totally different forty degrees thru the night and supposed to be in the fifties the following day Boston is where we will be fishing. So we headed back to the first venue that we swore wouldnt be frozen last year me my brother Martin Columbo and best bud Bob Harnish aka Lefty to find nothing but open water looking like a sheet of glass. We quickly set up n tossed out the rods and within minutes Martin was in on his first fish of the year. He had a couple fish in before I finally had my first 5:40 am 5.4 lbs I was ecstatic our mission was a success!! The next couple hours went by relatively slow martin and lefty seemed to be on the sweet spot as they were hauling them in but my next fish didnt come until sunrise 7:17 am. The sun was rising behind us and the city as I was taking a photo with the biggest fish to come out yet 14.4lbs i was over the moon at this point and was happy to call it a day but the guys wanted to keep it going so I decided to stick it out with them. The rest of the day went by eventless for me not another run martin and lefty both still catching I was happy to net and take photos of all there captures. Dont remember the exact time but at some point in the morning I heard a gentleman walking up asking for fishing licenses I quickly turned around expecting a dcr officer or park ranger but it was in fact Jerome Moisand joking around lol. We talked for a few moments and he was off to go catch a couple himself. Think it was around eleven o clock and the weather turned big time 30 to 40 mph gusts of wind and the river started to look like the ocean with white caps as far as the eye could see my brother said one more and he was done and I was okay with that so about 20 minutes later the last one for him came in while weighing in and photographing his last catch we heard Jerome call us over his reel had locked up n he was handlining his first fish in my brother quickly net it for him and also took a photo for him. After that we packed up n made the walk back to the car both of us satisfied with the redemption of last new years. We were both happy to have brought in the new year doing something we love so deeply fishing for gold. Cannot wait until next year!
  3. Tim Columbo 2nd fish of the new year 14.4lbs 7:14am
  4. Tim Columbo 1st fish of the new year 5.4lbs 5:40 am
  5. Tim Columbo MA City of Boston sunrise with a nice fish to top it off 👍👍
  6. Your name: Tim Columbo Your CAG forum name: Tim Columbo Your state or province of residence: MA The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence:MA
  7. Your name: Tim Columbo Your CAG forum name: Tim Columbo Your state or province of residence: MA The state or province of your FFF 2018 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence:MA Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/18)?:No
  8. Hey juss wanted to know if there is a ma fish in or social in the works for this summer?
  9. Thanks for the heads up man scoped out a few spots last week gonna give it a shot hopefully starting next week I'll keep u guys updated thanks for the response
  10. Think I'm gonna give it a go can't see why they wouldn't be over there a lot of water to cover but I live close n figure if I bait it consistently for a while should see some results from that side I will keep you posted thanks for the response jerome ??
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