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  1. CarpDaddy

    My annual St. Lawrence trip

    Just awesome!!!!!! Congrats. You should write up a How to Carp from a Boat tutorial. I would be very interested and appreciate any tips you would care to share. Great camera work as well!! Rick
  2. Love your enthusiasm! I remember the insane sense of accomplishment i had at my first capture.... Thanks for sharing. You really put a smile on my face! Ten years from now you will watch this video and see all the things you could have done better... and it will make you laugh all over again! Keep posting and dont be afraid to reach out for helpful advice. Rick
  3. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    Rod with his new PB...
  4. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    The smile says it all
  5. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

  6. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    We took boatloads of photos and must have made the great beast angry..... or maybe it just thought Rod needed his annual bath today right this minute not later...
  7. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    So we had a double AND a pb in the bag on a notoriously difficult water. Did we rest on our laurels and crack open a celebratory adult beverage incredibly early on a gorgeous June day in upstate NY? Yes. Yes we did. Then we got back to work. Freshened up the hookbaits and topped up the swim with sweet feed and maize. We had just settled in for a well deserved rest when brother Rod's alarm filled the air with its piercing cry. "Might not be to big" he informed us. No worries. Just glad to have a fish on the line. "Doesnt seem to want to come in" he said. Hmmmmmm? Is your drag to loose? "No, seems good" ok we all thought. The fish just didnt want to venture into the shallows and kept up a steady side to side swing in front of the anxious angler like a golden scaled metronome. When Mike finally slipped the net under the perfectly scaled common we all breathed a sigh of relief. The scales announced the arrival of a scraper 30 and a new PB for proud angler, and my brother in law, Rod. Way to go Bro!
  8. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    So today we would switch up and fish a local water. We baited hard yesterday in preparation by spombing out most of a ten gallon pail to both sides of a prominent point. Friend Mike caught a hard charging double to start us out. Luck of the draw had him step to the plate first. As he was starting to feel the bend .... another pole on the other side of the point burst into life. A Double!!!!!!!! Katie knew what to do and jumped right in. We caught and splashed a gorgeous specimen for Mike and all eyes turned to Katie and the battle she was engaged in. The didnt fight side to side... it simply turned and darted back away from shore, ripping yards of line out at a tremendous pace. After a spirited battle Mike was able to net a new 30+ pound PB to add to Katie's list!
  9. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

  10. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    Rod and i fished a couple hours on the Hudson River at a hard to get to but worth the effort little spot. We caught two teeners that absolutely fought like angry twenties. Very impressive battle for slack water!
  11. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    Sooooo.... ill start feeding a couple spots in preparation for my brotherinlaws arrival Fri AM. Spawn is mostly done. Hopefully some hungry whales out there! Hopefully we will find out...
  12. CarpDaddy

    An epic failure

    Ohhhhh that smarts. Dang
  13. CarpDaddy

    summer 2016 off to a good start

    Those are some gorgeous chunkers! Keep up the good work!
  14. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    Many thanks to Jay Foster, Bob Giordano, and Sean Rafter for your unbelievable generosity, knowledge, and support in making this such a memorable trip for me. Three of the best...
  15. CarpDaddy

    Quiet Day

    Observation: All shoes become Water Shoes ... when properly submerged An example of one of the rigs i used at this location...