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  1. Tom Perron

    NACA Q4 PRINTED Mail arrivals!

    Great job to all that participated in the making of this, very well done! Received mine today. Location : Rhode Island.
  2. Tom Perron


    REGISTRATION Thomas perron Tom perron RHODE ISLAND Not a junior
  3. Tom Perron

    Another New PB mirror

    I went there last week and left due to 4 or 5 teens ( i am assuming) camping out right to the side of the sand patch . . definitely had a fire going..
  4. folding the rod up and didnt realize the braid was around the tip . . .to much pressure as well as me not paying attention! carryall is in my future, thanks!!
  5. just packing up my stuff and yet again my rod snaps . .these 12 ft rods are hard to care for . . . any one have an extra to sell for the AM?? THANKS
  6. Tom Perron

    Merrimack Tournament

    Cant wait, its going to be a GREAT time!
  7. Tom Perron

    Fishing the merrimack

    yes rob, we need to bring it back to RI!!
  8. Tom Perron

    Fishing the merrimack

    HAHAHA love it bob!!! i forgot you could read this!! thanks for the info guys!! and for you bob, good luck bud!! I may be new but i fish HARD AND EFFICIENT!! SEE YOU AT THE MACK!!
  9. Tom Perron

    Fishing the merrimack

    I will be fishing heritage park in lowell mass in a few weeks, any ideas on feed? i went there 1 week ago using 2 kernels of maize and a pop up artifical ahead of method.fished for 6 hrs with NO success. Any tips on baits/ flavor to use? it would be appreciated.
  10. very satisfied with the rod, thanks again bob!
  11. I am in search of a new rod. I was out yesterday and made a cast with my 12FT rod ( that i purchased 2 weeks ago ) and clipped a tree and my rod snapped in half. rather than spending a ton of money AGAIN, i was hoping a RI member or MA member would be able to sell me a rod that you have extra laying around.
  12. Tom Perron

    the start of sept..

    Thank you guys!
  13. Tom Perron

    the start of sept..

  14. Tom Perron

    the start of sept..

    tonight i landed this fish with two fellow CAG members. i was NOT expecting this!