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  1. Great job to all that participated in the making of this, very well done! Received mine today. Location : Rhode Island.
  2. REGISTRATION Thomas perron Tom perron RHODE ISLAND Not a junior
  3. I went there last week and left due to 4 or 5 teens ( i am assuming) camping out right to the side of the sand patch . . definitely had a fire going..
  4. folding the rod up and didnt realize the braid was around the tip . . .to much pressure as well as me not paying attention! carryall is in my future, thanks!!
  5. just packing up my stuff and yet again my rod snaps . .these 12 ft rods are hard to care for . . . any one have an extra to sell for the AM?? THANKS
  6. Cant wait, its going to be a GREAT time!
  7. yes rob, we need to bring it back to RI!!
  8. HAHAHA love it bob!!! i forgot you could read this!! thanks for the info guys!! and for you bob, good luck bud!! I may be new but i fish HARD AND EFFICIENT!! SEE YOU AT THE MACK!!
  9. I will be fishing heritage park in lowell mass in a few weeks, any ideas on feed? i went there 1 week ago using 2 kernels of maize and a pop up artifical ahead of method.fished for 6 hrs with NO success. Any tips on baits/ flavor to use? it would be appreciated.
  10. tonight i landed this fish with two fellow CAG members. i was NOT expecting this!
  11. Thanks everyone, there was a lot of hard work put in!
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