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  1. Will be looking forwards to seeing you on the squad.
  2. I dont know why i didn't get notifications on this post activity until today......No age requirement, must be a CAG memeber at time of event. Either by full memebership or trial membership. Membership and regionals entry are purchachesd through the CAG store. PM me please i will get you added to the Michigan Facebook page. $ 20 to enter regionals 100% goes to prizes and awards. We are also having a social meeting on Sunday Feburary 25th at twin peaks madison heights 1pm.
  3. It would be great to have ya ...it is a blast!
  4. 2018 New for 2018!!! Michigan Vs Everyone On May 5th and 6th . Team Michigan will try to defend their title on the mighty Sagnasty river in Bay City, Michigan as team Ohio and team Indiana and friends will attempt to become the new “Champions of the Midwest”. After attending the SECC Thomas talked to me about wanting to invite the new friends he made on the East coast and the Old ones he had made in Texas to the regionals. So for 2018 Michigan will be Taking on 2 teams. East and West...The East team wil
  5. Team Rosters so far Ohio: Vince Shiflet Robert Shiflet Michael Alloway Karrie Lutz Craig Welch Shawn Woerlein Bobby Oney Deon Kerr John Mayer Shawn Adkins Indiana: Amos Behanna Paige Behanna Jathan Behanna Michigan Daniel Slaby Brian Pearcy Paul Cienciera
  6. Team Michigan adds Daniel Slaby & Ohio adds Vince Shiflet
  7. Sign up for the Midwest Regionals are live 2017 Carp Anglers Group Midwest Regional Rules This Regional is designed and intended for you and your fellow State representatives to work together as a team, have fun and socialize while doing your best to catch some hogs! Think about and discuss with your teammates what to do for lunch on the bank, where to go after day one ends to catch up and socialize and of course team strategy on how to catch the 10 biggest fish in that river. We have 3 States being Represented; Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. Each State may have up to 20 Registere
  8. Dan I messaged you a few days ago...I live 20 min away from Birmingham
  9. Thank you for all the hard work you put in making a very high quality NACA. you will be missed..
  10. We will be hosting our second fish in of the season. July 23rd ...we will be having it at Lake Hudson Recreation Area if our scouting efforts prove it worthwhile...This site has onsite camping for anyone interested...our backup location will be Lansing....more details to come...tight lines
  11. Packing up tonight be there in th AM tomorrow!
  12. Hello All, There is 3 teams and 4 zones this year. One zone will be drawn for the Buddy zone . Team /buddy zone will be fishing a different zone on day 2. Each of these zones will produce fish and each has some unique characteristics. The X within the pics indicate where you are to park. Yes, you may unload closer to a swim, but all vehicles must be parked at a parking lot. Please click on pictures to enlarge for a better view. Zone #1 "Deep Swim" Some swims within this zone you are able to cast closer to the channel. Over the years this area has produced some
  13. We are gonna get you a new PB at regionals!
  14. Current water levels are high near 15 ft.. Hey guys, Please keep an eye on the water levels for this venue. Anyone that has fished the river knows that no matter the conditions, that fish can be caught. Lower waters levels are preferred, but I would like everyone to keep an eye on the levels as this will determine if you should pack some extra items such as: If the water exceeds 14ft you should consider bringing the following items in addition to your regular gear: Water proof boots/waders 4-6 ounce leads If water levels are below 13.2 feet, ideal we
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