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  1. Epic Vacation Session!

    Great trip, fish, pictures, and write up! Very impressive. Congrats on having it all come together .
  2. Boats/Kayaks

    We have successfully landed carp from boats many times. It offers different challenges to bank fishing, but can be done effectively. One of the biggest challenges is keeping the fish from wrapping in anchor lines, and diving under the boat.
  3. CCC 2017 Results

    Congratulations to the winners! Wish I could have made it. Sounds like it was a good time.
  4. Underwater Carp Fishing Footage

    I think any reason wenough could give would be pure speculation. They were most likely just not feeding. I have a WW too. They are great pieces of equipment. It is great to see what is happening on the lake bed.
  5. Hurricaine Harvey Grass carp rescue

    That is great! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Leader problems...

    Two words. Crazy Alberto! Well I guess one word and one name. Either way the strongest, easiest, and slimmest of all the knots I have used. Check it out.
  7. Are Rod Pods Worth it?

    Those wagons won't make it to many of my swims. They seem to work great most places though.
  8. Are Rod Pods Worth it?

    I think a pod is just anot her piece of equipment. Is it necessary? No, but they sure are useful in certain locations. What I have done to carry my gear in to a out of the way swim, is to learn how to strap everything to my backpack. I am sure I look ridiculous, but it beats making multiple trips.
  9. CAG Spring Big4 Prizes

    I received my email from CAM and BCT credited my account. Thank you very much to all the sponsors and the gentleman who ran the show. Great job guys!
  10. CAG Spring Big 4 Winners

    Yes! Thank you to all that organized and ran this event. To the winners, all I can say is WOW! Some absolutely enormous numbers put up, and some amazingly beautiful fish.
  11. CAG BIG 4 SPRING 2017

    Absolute beast! Congrats!
  12. SPRING BIG4 post your pics

    That worked perfectly. Thanks MOCarper! Only problem is I am missing one of the photos with the sign in it. Oh well. Do you happen to know how to remove an entry?
  13. Soak time

    ^^^ This Using my water wolf a few times has confirmed my suspicionson to keep fresh baits going out. My baits were being visited in the first 30 mins most times. Often the fish wouldn't take, but would move my bait enough to were it would have been ineffective.
  14. SPRING BIG4 post your pics

    I realized after a few days that some of my pics hadn't uploaded properly. I pm'd Willem about it with the correct pictures. I am sure he will fix mine soon. I think there is a problem with the program somehow. I posted all of mine the exact same way, and a few will not except pictures. I have tried to update my entries with pictures, it just simply won't post them.
  15. SPRING BIG4 post your pics

    ...and a couple more shots