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  1. Fontona19

    Champion of the Queen Award - Barry Howard

    ..and an overall nice guy. Very approachable. Thanks for all that you do Barry.
  2. Fontona19

    Where is everyone?

    Just speculation as I have no first hand knowledge, but facebook has seemed to diminish this forums activity level. It is very unfortunate.
  3. Fontona19


    Some great captures as well guys. Keep it up.
  4. Fontona19


    I had the same problem loading pictures to the leader board last year. It is because the photo is too large. If taken with a phone, send the pictures via text message and that will compress them. If taken on a digital camera you will have to manually change the photo size using editing software. I don't recall the appropriate size though.
  5. Fontona19

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    Here ya go MOCarper! Tight lines! Good luck to everyone who has entered
  6. Fontona19

    Quick River Session!

    Very nice captures! Keep up the good work gentleman.
  7. Fontona19

    Hey y'all, here some fish for ya!

    Very nice captures, and welcome back.
  8. Fontona19

    trout pellets and hemp seed

    Fish Factory is near middletown CT, I am sure he could help with some hemp seed, and most feed stores have sinking trout pellets ie. Tractor supply .
  9. Fontona19

    Epic Vacation Session!

    Great trip, fish, pictures, and write up! Very impressive. Congrats on having it all come together .
  10. Fontona19


    We have successfully landed carp from boats many times. It offers different challenges to bank fishing, but can be done effectively. One of the biggest challenges is keeping the fish from wrapping in anchor lines, and diving under the boat.
  11. Fontona19

    CCC 2017 Results

    Congratulations to the winners! Wish I could have made it. Sounds like it was a good time.
  12. Fontona19

    Underwater Carp Fishing Footage

    I think any reason wenough could give would be pure speculation. They were most likely just not feeding. I have a WW too. They are great pieces of equipment. It is great to see what is happening on the lake bed.
  13. Fontona19

    Hurricaine Harvey Grass carp rescue

    That is great! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Fontona19

    Leader problems...

    Two words. Crazy Alberto! Well I guess one word and one name. Either way the strongest, easiest, and slimmest of all the knots I have used. Check it out.
  15. Fontona19

    Are Rod Pods Worth it?

    Those wagons won't make it to many of my swims. They seem to work great most places though.