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  1. Carping at Lake Winnipesaukee

    Baited up the spot, didn't really get a chance to carp fish it much more than a couple hours a night. Didn't see any action, but I'll be back up there the second week of May to ask around and see if I can get the scoop around the area.
  2. Carping at Lake Winnipesaukee

    Hey guys, I'm here at my girlfriend's lake house for the weekend. Right on Winnipesaukee, in the Meredith bay area. We got here yesterday, and I threw some chum out off dock area in the back yard. I was wondering if anyone had any leads on the surrounding or where to target carp in Winnipesaukee. Any information on the area would be killer helpful! Thanks for reading -Sam
  3. WTB Bite Alarms & Pod

    Looking around for 3-4 bite alarms & pod, feel free to send me a PM with brand and what you're asking price is.
  4. WTB Landing net

    Sir Rob, Many thanks
  5. WTB Landing net

    Looking for a landing net, if anyone has an extra their willing to part with send me a DM with a price! Thank you
  6. 2015 Yankee Challenge - Register now!

    Count me in on team MA/RI! Excited to be a part this year!