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  1. alex

    having trouble with a river

    Not to much if fish are around You will get them soon It's a timing thing in winter once you figure it out it will be easy fishing
  2. alex

    having trouble with a river

    Long session helps a lot Sometimes they show themselves early in the am good time to find a spot
  3. alex

    having trouble with a river

    Might be a timing they don't feed for long in cold water Try early 5am or after dark
  4. alex

    Aqua Vu Mini DVR? Got one to sell?

    I googled aqua vu mini dvr / shopping and there are few not sure how much money you want to spend
  5. alex

    Bivvy trade?

    I got a mozzie mesh from camping store it's design to suspend over hammock and I use it to cover the whole umbrella like you would with second skin Works fine a bit of a hustle getting out at night while alarm is screaming but no bugs
  6. alex

    Groundbait Ball Rod

    Freezing won't give you that much distance but rocks inside the ball will fly
  7. alex

    Special Edition NACA

    I didn't get mine either Address is correct Thanks
  8. alex

    Getting More Distance

    Spoon and catapult have similar distance with loose grain 15-20 yard Mixing corn with mud will get you 50 yards with right mix
  9. Sounds good it's on a calendar We're are you parking overnight
  10. here is mine http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24816-day-on-the-river/?hl=pentagon
  11. alex


    maybe you can only keep the same peg if you blank on day 1
  12. alex

    Stock Pots and Bait Prep

    If you are into projects Converting old gas water heater to big boiling pot will get you enough gallons
  13. alex

    Stock Pots and Bait Prep

    I would look into how much heat can your pot handle some of them will worp (sp.) out of shape if you put too much heat you will need something with double heavy duty botom to handle burners on high
  14. alex

    Stock Pots and Bait Prep

    you could boil water with 180k btu's but will burn everything if you try cooking not many pots will handle that much heat maybe cast iron as speed goes I use pressure cooker its much faster then regular pot and boiles bait to higher temp
  15. alex

    st croix avid 12' carp rod

    with 6lb line probably 50-60 yards carp rods are design to handle 3-4oz some will go up to 6-8oz