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  1. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Correction, the new Ft. Loudoun lock access road looks to be paved now.
  2. Your most preferred Mainline

    I've taken a liking to Gardner's Hydrotuff line in the dark brown in 15Ib test. Its a tough tough line, but casts extremely well, and the fact it comes in dark brown, which seems to match were I fish better than a green line, is a plus. My second choice is Sufix Tritanium Plus in 14Ib.
  3. Pop up plastic corn = less takes?

    I've had success with ESP's plastic corn, which is scented. But I've never caught with it paired with the method, probably because it floats away from the feeder. But I've caught with unweighted fake floating corn with 4" hooklinks on a running-rig.
  4. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    You probably already know this, but Lake Kefauver, off hwy 411 in Madisonville, has grass carp. Some good sized ones too. Tried for them, but no success.
  5. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Thats a nice carp and some beautiful photos of Watauga. Went there once a few years ago, but didn't get to fish it. Was going to fish the tailwaters for trout, but the weather soured the next day when I was actually going to fish. Beautiful lake though, but you're probably right about it not having much in the way of big carp. Its not very fertile of a lake at all, according to TVA. Its also rather cool, cool enough to support trout, including lake trout, and very deep.
  6. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Yeah, there is a few places that you can set up a pod, such as a place you can find when you turn off of 321 onto the dam road, the one on the Lenoir City side, the Roane County side is really too steep. Note, if you decide to try on the bottom too, the area of the tailwaters closer to 321 has enormous amounts of tall weeds, forget the type, which will make bottom fishing a pain. Only the area right below the dam is largely weed-free, and there is a place to fish there.
  7. URGENT - CT Regulations!

    Also sent.
  8. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Yes, access to the lock has been opened, but not as easy to get to now, as you have to turn off from hwy 321 onto a unpaved gravel road, and still alot of construction, thus the traffic is real bad at times, though the new bridge is open. A place I should mention that could have good carp fishing is the tailwaters below Melton Hill dam. Though I haven't fished for carp there, during the warmer months, at times when their not generating, I have seen alot of carp just below the surface, swimming in schools, some of them decent size. Could be a good topwater bite there.
  9. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Excellent, I look foward to it! Certainly alot of carp there, most of the ones I caught have averaged 7-10 Ibs, but there are bigger ones around. A guy from Knoxville comes down and fishes for carp sometimes, and he has caught some 20+ pounders, maybe a 30+ too. When the water was up a few weeks ago from the rain, and I could fish around the "loop", I caught what might be my PB so far: It actually was bigger than it looks in the photo. I sadly don't have those, I believe called Rueben-Heathon, scales or a carp weigh sling/sack yet, so I don't have the weight, but it felt around 15 pounds, give or take.
  10. Coated braid and long shank hooks!?!?!?

    I'll add another vote for Jackal.
  11. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    It already seems I been fishing a pretty prime area then! Caught lots at the Lenoir City Park, mainly around the "loop" near the wooden dock and the old boat ramp near where the present one is. Lots of smallmouth buffalo too. I also heard that they are large carp(30+ pounds) around Calhoun's in the Lenoir City marina, due to alot of people throwing bread out to the fish and ducks. Thanks for the reply and info.
  12. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    First, I'm a New CAG member and new to the forum, and look forward to the conversations. I'm just asking, anybody know some especially good areas for carp? In particular in the Loudon county and Monroe county vicinity? Thanks.