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  1. Aaron W

    carpin continues!

  2. Aaron W

    Brown Trout

    Nice brownie.👍
  3. Aaron W

    Her first fish!

    Will try someday. I read in a In-Fisherman article once about one guy that makes a rod that is a spinning rod made with a 2 weight fly rod bank, and this rod is for panfish. Said its a excellent rod, forgot who it was that made them though.
  4. Aaron W

    2018 CAG Ohio - Cowan Lake Results

    Those are some extremely nice fish. I can guess somebody had some sore arms and backs later, pulling in those beasts.
  5. Aaron W

    Her first fish!

    Good catch for her, six inches isn't bad at all around here. Do wish there were more bigger 'gills like the 1Ib+ ones. Got one once around 1Ib, maybe a little less, on a 6 weight fly rod. Extremely fun fish to fight.
  6. Aaron W

    New (New) PB Grasser again!

  7. Aaron W

    Has Anyone Fished Dale Hollow Lake?

    I believe the service from the above video uses World Classic Baits protein boilies, so they may be a good place to start.
  8. Aaron W

    PB Grasser!

    Such a nice fish. Also waiting to get my first grasser.
  9. Aaron W

    Weekend Fishing w/ Family/Friends

    Good Job!
  10. Aaron W

    Saginaw River Carp

  11. Aaron W

    My NEW PB at 37 pounds 7 ounces

    Great job!
  12. Aaron W

    What wrong with this buffalo?

    The fish was about 12-13Ibs IIRC. A few years ago, I saw what looked like a possible lamprey on a carp swimming in the shallows. But it looked to only be 4-5" long, so I wasn't so sure. But I've heard about a guy catching some sort of fish below the nearby dam that had a lamprey attached to it, so they must be some around.
  13. Last friday I was fishing at a marina at Lenoir City, Tennessee, and caught two Buffalo. One had a huge sore on its head and gill flap: Anyone know what it is? And sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.