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  1. Will try someday. I read in a In-Fisherman article once about one guy that makes a rod that is a spinning rod made with a 2 weight fly rod bank, and this rod is for panfish. Said its a excellent rod, forgot who it was that made them though.
  2. Those are some extremely nice fish. I can guess somebody had some sore arms and backs later, pulling in those beasts.
  3. Good catch for her, six inches isn't bad at all around here. Do wish there were more bigger 'gills like the 1Ib+ ones. Got one once around 1Ib, maybe a little less, on a 6 weight fly rod. Extremely fun fish to fight.
  4. I believe the service from the above video uses World Classic Baits protein boilies, so they may be a good place to start.
  5. Such a nice fish. Also waiting to get my first grasser.
  6. The fish was about 12-13Ibs IIRC. A few years ago, I saw what looked like a possible lamprey on a carp swimming in the shallows. But it looked to only be 4-5" long, so I wasn't so sure. But I've heard about a guy catching some sort of fish below the nearby dam that had a lamprey attached to it, so they must be some around.
  7. Last friday I was fishing at a marina at Lenoir City, Tennessee, and caught two Buffalo. One had a huge sore on its head and gill flap: Anyone know what it is? And sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.
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