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Found 126 results

  1. CALL TO ACTION: The State of Colorado has begun the review process for fishing regulations. NOW is the time for you to complete the survey and put in a good word for Carp Fishing in our state. Whether you would like to see our rod limit increased from 2 to 3, changes in laws regarding the use of PVA bags/mesh, would like to see slot limit and creel limit protection for carp, the formation of "designated trophy carp fisheries at Chatfield, Pueblo and Cherry Creek reservoirs". NOW is the time to make your voice HEARD. So, please take a few minutes from your day to complete the survey (link https://www.research.net/s/5yearfishing) and give carp fishing in Colorado a Fins-UP! Thanks! John
  2. I've been pretty inactive on the forum this past winter as I usually am every winter, but I thought I'd share some picture from my last session out. I've never fished for carp in February here in Michigan but since it was around 40 degrees this past Sunday I decided to get out and try to catch a carp or two. When I showed up to the spot I wasn't to confident I'd catch because of the huge ice piles that had built up from the wind blowing in ice chunks off the main lake, but Kyle and I decided to fish anyway. We had to set up our rods on top of all the ice because the shoreline was non existent anymore. Any way I did end up catching 5 fish up to 21lbs which I was extremely happy to just be catching some fish as spring is still some time away up here. So here are the pictures, I though the ice and stuff made for some cool photos! The rods on top of all the ice! First fish! Biggest if the session at 21lb 8oz! Kyle on top of all the ice
  3. A bonus episode of CarpQuest has been released. In this episode we demonstrate what happens when you take a beautiful spring morning, a favorite carp swim, a squadron of National Guard helicopters practicing fire suppression and add them all together. End result - a blank, but with some great footage! People always want to blame the weather for their carping failures, I usually do, but I do feel like I had a valid excuse at least this one time ! Tight-Lines, John CarpQuest
  4. Carp Through the Ice

    Living in Massachusetts, almost all ponds and lakes freeze over. I ice fish for bass, pike, and sunfish and perch during the winter, but this year I am looking to get into some carp. I have some questions for anybody who has tried this - Is prebaiting a good idea? How do I keep my rods from getting pulled through the hole? What sort of rigs work? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I will use this thread to share my experiences when I fish alongside some of the MasterMinds of the sport of Carp Fishing.
  6. After many questions and encouragement from eager carpers, I am happy to announce the unveiling of a new CAG event. Following in the foot steps of the very successful CAG May Big 4, we have now opened up registration for the Fall version. Prizes will be announced shortly. If you thought about packing in the rods for the winter, you may want to hold off, because the fishing and competition will be heating up. So sign up, talk some smack to fellow anglers, and encourage others to sign up and compete as well. Registration is open till November 5th due to the expedited nature of the announcement. All fish caught in November will qualify as per usual big 4 rules. SIGN UP HERE Questions about the leaderboard? They should be covered HERE
  7. 6 weeks of working with DELL to fix/replace my old video editing system that melted down... almost literally... but, the system is fixed, the s/w re-installed, and CarpQuest is BACK in production! So, finally, here we go... CarpQuest Episode Released - Season 2, Episode 14 9/14/14 - Colorado, south of Pueblo In this episode of CarpQuest we take a family picnic down south to a lake near Pueblo. Would the rumors of grass carp at this venue prove true ? Tight-Lines,John
  8. Decided to share on YouTube my easy and cheap alternative to expensive pack bait coils. Stopped by my local Dollar Tree and picked up two packs of Curling Hair Coils (2 colors and sizes 18 pieces total) and One Pack of 100 Color Cable Ties (Also Great For Tagging Fish (Check your local Regs)) total cost $3.17 There are inner cylinder and outer "half-pipe" so from each two shells there is one additional Pack Coil for a total of 10+5+8+4=27 Feeders. Then I used a plain Gold Long-shank wire panfish hook to make a baiting needle. Enjoy! ________________________________
  9. A beauty from my last session (was targeting Channel Cats off of a sandy beach at Wisconsin River's bend) my nephew was there for the net job (eager learner) ;-) Enjoy!
  10. Carp Videos

    I am new to this forum and love Carp Fishing! Tight Lines To All!
  11. I hear all the time from friends, “we have to go fishing man..”. Well, don’t talk about, be about it! Come out this weekend, no gear required! Austin Carp Angler's “Next Fish is Yours” event is this weekend March 22nd and 23rd at Decker Lake! If you want a chance to catch your first smallmouth buffalo, and learn a bit in the process, then join us on the bank this weekend. No gear or bait required! https://www.facebook.com/events/579084072160429/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=1
  12. Warm weather is here!

    I have been watching the weather with the snow expected here in SE TN for the next couple of days. Running forward for the ten day forecast shows temps in the 50s for next week. I plan to start baiting Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon and fishing Tuesday. I'll be fishing at the boat ramp in Calhoun, TN. If anyone would care to join me, send me a PM. It's just off Highway 11 on the north side of the river. Turn alongside Hardee's and take the first right past the RR overpass. Go to the end of the street and take a left (the only way you can go). The boat ramp is about 3/4 mile on the right. I have a grey Honda van.
  13. 2013 Carp of the Year Vote

    Thanks to all that voted each month in 2013 for the "Carp of the Month" Now lets vote for the 2013 winner - 2013 Carp of the YEAR !!!!!!
  14. Well i decided to put few pictures together from 2013 since its almost over. I can say it was a truly great year for me, with lots of good laughs, sharing the banks with friends, and few nice fish. Would like to Thank K-1 Baits for supporting me with such great bait and knowledge to carp fishing. I have spend most of my time this year fishing boilies mostly. 95% of my fish have been caught on K-1 Boilies, the rest 5% on K-1 Maize. Favorite rigs of this year were, the Chod Rig which hAs banked me most of my bigger fish, also lets not forget about the Blow Back Rig, which i have used a lot this year as well and has done about the same damage as the Chod. Favorite Flavor of boilies are, Toffee, JTF, Pineapple Ice cream, Squid and Strawberry, Juicy Tutty Fruity Pineapple. Pop Ups and Bottom baits have caught me a fair share. Enjoy guys, Happy Holidays !!
  15. Good afternoon. I'm sorry if I write the wrong topic. My name is Yuri. I live in Ukraine, in Kiev want to share with you the records of carp. So I decided to open a carp season. We decided to go on Sunday, although the weather did not please us. Well decided done. At 3:00 departure. At the site where it was 4:15. Otlovochnye logged discharged. Thank you for Glory picked up for us pavements, and for being advised to focus on the fishing float rod. While I was gathering, gender-under and spinning tackle, Eugene took the bait, and I have not had time to collect even one spinning at Eugene because he was sleepy, little fishing rod is not to conquer the vastness of the lake with carp fish on the hook. But nothing happened, carp landing net, Jack is happy, because this is his first carp fished in his life, his joy knew no bounds. So far I have set up spinning Jack had already caught 3. Well, that's my povlavchanka went into battle. Neproshlo and 5 minutes, and carp in the landing net. Active nibble rocked our biceps to 7 am, and that's all the bait, spinning weird, but remained silent. The weather began to change, and nibble gently subsided. Closer to 10:30 good bite my godfather, and something worthy of coming off. After a couple of minutes on a spinning standing still in the morning, abandoned somewhere near the center of the lake, which is like a locomotive to haul well-read, good carp reel, throws off the thread, and egegey sweeps that began the struggle of decent size, but just 20 seconds and the converging .... damn .... It was the last bite. Then it started to rain, wind ... just like on the hydrometeorological forecast. I note that the neighbors on the pavement caught trophy pike, weight can not say because it does not weighed, but she looked good (video attached). We were very happy fishing. Rest of the soul.
  16. The New England edition of the Fisherman Magazine has run a feature I submitted on Carp Fishing for the first time and even has CAG member Steve Clow with a carp on the front cover... Not sure about the 'Target Carp this year' title but at least it gives some increased exposure.
  17. Weston Carp Festival

    Does anybody know if they are holding the Weston Carp Festival this year down in Weston, WV? Been searching the 'net and can't find any info on it yet - looking to possibly fish it this year, it's been a while.............. Thanks in advance, King Kool
  18. Hi, new to the forum and looking for Carp in Ottawa!
  19. Here is the latest write-up I did for Austin Carp Angler ... Enjoy! They Weren’t Very Big, But There Was Plenty Of ‘Em…
  20. Took some friends fishing

    From the album Supercarpio's Carp Photos

    Fiesty dark monster brightens the day!
  21. River Full Of Carp

    I am new to carp fishing and have what may be a stupid question. I found a spot on a river with a ton of carp and tried to catch them with corn and bread both on the bottom and under a cork and no luck. I wasn't using any fancy rigs and wasn't chumming. So I did a bit of research, and I want to go try and catch some of them using packbait but my question is, will the current in the river just sweep the packbait downstream once it breaks up and just leave the corn pop all by itself? This section of river is below a dam and has moderate flow. If using packbait in a river isn't a good idea, does anyone have any other suggestions for a beginner? Thanks
  22. First Time Fishing Detroit This Year!

    Brian, Brendan, and me went down to the Detroit river and it ended up being a slow day with no fish activity for about six hours, until about two hours before we left. I think it had somthing to do with a massive weed bed in the middle of the river which is not normal for this river. I think the fish were stopping and feeding in there instead of coming into the bay where we were fishing. My friend drew AKA:(Drew_2498) also met us out there for an hour and broke off on a cast because he forgot to open his bail. Well Brian had got the first run which ended up being 19lb, then as we are unhooking that i got a run and landed a 5lber with drews rig in his mouth. The thing is he left about an hour before that. Then brian got another run and landed a 13lb carp, I ended up cathing three more and my biggest was 15lb. unfortunatley brendan did not join the action. Pics: Brians 19 Our Double Brians 13 A double for me the one i was holding was 14lb
  23. Created this section so that I can move some posts from another tread. The topic of disagreement is all about those European fatties that claim world records. All this sparked by the latest world record from Hungary.... 101lbs [media=]
  24. Just got a text from Mike Hudak to say his 43.12lb carp has been officially accepted as the new Connecticut state record! Well done Mike on a monumental catch and the CT Fisheries department for their forward thinking on record claims.
  25. New - Mini Spomb!

    The new mini Spomb will be available in the next couple of weeks! About 1/4 the capacity of the original Spomb the mini spomb can easily be cast on any regular carp rod capable of throwing a 3oz lead. Just like its big brother the mini spomb can be loaded with boilies (up to fifteen 15mm) or any other chum material - either wet or dry. Spombs are simple to use... just Load, Close, Cast & Retrieve! Unlike spods the Spomb will not lose material mid flight and can be retrieved instantly without waiting for it to empty. Retail price in North America is $16.95 but order yours now for a special introductory offer of only $14.95 Order now from Big Carp Tackle, Carp Kit International, Resistance Tackle and Wacker Bait & Tackle