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  1. I just saw this. Simply amazing! Well done. Great potential on that river. Always intriguing to fish it.
  2. Looking forward to your reports from the water and from the garage
  3. Very nice! Congratulations. Not usual to get back-to-back 60-degree days in December.
  4. Any pictures would be great. If anyone has some, please post.
  5. Great designs! I want a shirt!
  6. A great tournament indeed! Excellent representation for the sport. Top notch anglers and a VERY top notch organizer. What could possibly be better?
  7. Awesome stuff neighbor! Great results and please keep the pictures coming. Holler if you need any help/advice. -Marius
  8. That amount of bait would be nothing in a river like the Merrimack, but likely too much for a swim on a small lake. More details are needed in order to provide a better answer for you.
  9. Very, very, nice! Congratulations. Any technical details on the capture of this beautiful fish?
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