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    Fishing for Carpio Cyprinus and Esox Lucius on multiple continents!

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  1. Are the avatar pictures still limited in size/format?
  2. Paypal did NOT work for me and I am worried about the overall security of the site.
  3. I very much enjoyed your posts and forum name.
  4. I've got two pictures to contribute. 1) The not so long cast and 2) Dreamland
  5. Just saw this thread. I have some nice photos. When's the deadline? -Marius
  6. I'd have to agree. Kingfisher's stunning mirror is AMAZING!!!
  7. Sorry I missed the deadline for submission. Miguel's stunning mirror is a winner!!!
  8. This is great. I did this a few years back with some items I had - reels/sunglasses/bait - which I auctioned on this forum and raised about $100. I think the proceeds went towards the youth carper fund. Does it still exist? -Marius
  9. Gentlemen -- you are all correct. I just noticed the thread issue. Is it metric/us? What's the standard thread here and in Europe? If I take them to Europe will I be able to screw them onto Euro (outside UK) banksticks or will I be so to speak....screwed...? Thanks for the info. -Marius
  10. Just as good and cheaper are the basic BALZER alarms from PS Fishing. $25 gets you watertight alarm + telescopic bank stick + 9V battery + Spare cover + Case. At that price you don't mind stepping on one every once in a while. -Marius
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