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  3. I want to say huge props to Kody Clayton and Sean Clayton. Congratulations to you both. Very impressed spring season and very dedicated too. You’re hard work paid off. I tip my hat to you both. And you Kody a true hardcore carper for sure my friend..👍🏼
  4. Impressive catches, impressive fishing and dedication! Strong work!
  5. Nicely done David as usual!!!..............keep on fishin!........ MO
  6. Congratulations to Kirk (MO) MOCarper for his winning tip for the month of May. Kirk wins a $25 CAG Store gift certificate. You can post Carp Tips & Tricks for June at the following link. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/171-members-only-diy-section/ Carp’n Tips & Tricks Over the years we often come across some clever ideas or neat tricks that enhance our carp fishing experience. As an encouragement to share these ‘golden nuggets’ I’m proposing that members post them in the Members Only DIY Section of the CAG forum. As an added incentive we’ll be awarding a $25 CAG store gift certificate to the best idea posted each month (based on views and responses to the topic thread and as judged by the CAG BOD). You don’t have to be the originator of an idea but it would be nice to give credit to those you think deserve recognition. I’ve posted a couple of my own to get the ball rolling so now it’s over to you!
  7. I had a blast fishing the big 4 this spring!! Thank you all for the participation and most of all the competition. And a special thanks to all who put this together. I managed to get out on the last day and put up a good number of fish. This big gem clocked in at 29.00 on the nose she’s a beauty. To everyone out there in carp land keep the lines tight and the net/mat wet 👍🏼.
  8. OMG!!! Just when I thought there was simply no way to up my tally i DOUBLED on two monsters!- this 23-3 and this 35" 22-3lbr!!!!, the latter of which wrapped around three moorings and an outboard motor, shredding the mono but it held (12lb test) til I could land it , while holding the 23lbr in my sling in the water......What an incredible, incredible ending to CAG!!!!!........So....my totals are 24-0, 23-3, 22-3 and 22-2- all from the same spot at the lake with no chumming. Tonights fish were just before a Northwest storm moved in, with wind and lightening- SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!, and my two buddies, a great blue heron and a toad (toady) present!!!!..................oh, and landed an 11 lbr earlier- a real screamer!..................................YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW YALL!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks!!.......I think I've go the creeks down, local lakes down, so will start focusing on the rivers...........we got a couple here.... ...........good carpin buddy!- At some point I will travel out east again ( I lived in New Jersey for 3 years) and will look ya up!...... MO
  10. Thanks!!.......I think I've go the creeks down, local lakes down, so will start focusing on the rivers...........we got a couple here.... ...........good carpin buddy!- At some point I will travel out east again ( I lived in New Jersey for 3 years) and will look ya up!...... MO
  11. Last week
  12. Excellent work MO a true rugged carper for sure. Your hard work this spring put some beauty’s on the mat. You’re welcome anytime to share the bank with me here on the CT. River. Well done my friend.👍🏼
  13. Nanook

    New here

    I’m getting concerned. I did see several 2-3 feet long carp spawning on the bank a few years ago.
  14. So...........unlikely I'll get any bigger fish tonight; this is likely my CAG Big Four Spring 2019. 24-0, 22-2, 21-1 and 21-0........Can't compete with the big boys out east, but around here-respectful catches, and they're only gonna get bigger!.........Thanks to all who helped organize the event and the anglers that participated!!!. Was great fun!!!.............. MO
  15. Ahhhhhh you are correct!......Sad thing is- most people appeared downtrodden, sad-they would not initiate conversation, and wouldn't make eye contact. When i asked, they stated it was because of communist rule. When i stated they were free, most stated their parents weren't and it still hadn't sunk in......very sad-younger people seemed a little more spirited..................fishing was good regardless!!!......
  16. hmmmm, if its man made and no connection to a creek, flood plain, etc. it may not have carp....................
  17. Czechoslovakia? That must have been in the early 90s before the Czech Republic and Slovakia split? My grandparents came from what is now Slovakia. You can Google and find fishing guides in those countries. My grandmother's town had a huge lake by it. Always wondered if it had carp.
  18. There is nothing as big as the fish almost caught.🤗
  19. Hi Jesse, Yes, there are quite a few on the site, and the membership is growing. I am not sure there are many from your stretch of the woods, across the pond as we say. Maybe Ian or some CAG board/ members can help. Give it a day or so and you will get some more replies. I have only fished outside the US once, in Czechoslovakia and it was fabulous!!!...... Many are envious of the quality of fish over there and the reverance they hold in various countries. Welcome!!!......... MO
  20. Nanook

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    Four hours and another goose egg. Lost one but it didn’t feel big, had several quick hits but no takers or runs besides the one I lost reeling in. I’m going to bait the spot Sunday and fish it a few days next week. I’m sure they’re in there.
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