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  2. As others have said, fake corn is the answer.
  3. Tie a bead or spring on your hair and use your own doughbait to mold around that. I started out using that technique and did well with it.
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  5. The question that Clay and others raised was apparently a misunderstanding of Rule #9. This rule is not about how a fish is weighed but specifically about the need for a clear and focused photo image with the Scales and Big 4 Logo positioned in the foreground to help eliminate any questions or doubts about a reported fish weight Yes we always rely on folk being honest in reporting the weight of the fish.
  6. Obviously boilies are an option, but they are expensive to buy in large quantities for prebaiting. I suppose making them is an option. But I haven't really looked into the costs of making them at home, or the time involved in that. (I suppose I should probably look more into this) Has any one used larger ground baits 20mm+ in size? If so what did you use?
  7. Last week
  8. Hi roger, I will be staying in Rio with the in-laws for a month over Christmas and wondered if you know of any carp venues in the area? Thanks, Jamie
  9. I use canned corn in my pack bait, but plastic on the hair. Never had a problem. I tie a fairly short hair.
  10. Hey Tyler, Welcome to the group. From your photos it looks like you are an ole hand at this game. Keep us posted. Ken <:///><
  11. Hey guys new to the forum and love carping. I fish anywhere around brantford,Hamilton,niagara,Toronto. I’m always out fishing so if anyone wants to meet up I’m around.
  12. Nanook

    2019 CCC angler list

    Looking forward to meeting everyone. Hoping you Illinoisan folk will impart some wisdom to a new carp angler☺️
  13. Farigrounds action should pickup now as we head into fall providing a good opportunity to get into some of those big females as they fatten up for the winter ! Best of luck out there ! John
  14. A slice of yellow foam ear plug makes a good hookbait for fishing among corn and it pops up bootifully!
  15. Yea, I agree- I used grass stems all the time for the sweet corn, but now use the plastic stops for the fake corn- grass stems don't work well as you will lose the majority of your fake corn when you hook a fish.....too expensive (or I am cheap :)).................
  16. Wow, awesome fish! Really cool how the orange one stuck near the golden. I wonder if there are other fish in that pond, or just those two pets that someone released.
  17. Ken

    Perfect morning

    Nice fish and a good morning. The weather is getting nice here too. It's a great time of the year to be out.
  18. I have good luck with sweet corn on hair rigs with pack bait. My usual method is to have the hair about an inch long and bait it with two fat, solid kernels from the can. Too long of a hair is counter productive. I push the hook in the pack leaving my two kernels on the hair on the outside of the pack. I'm not a believer in leaving the line in the water "for hours". I get suspicious after 30 - 45 minutes, especially if I've twitches on the line, or decent activity earlier in the session, and will check to see if the corn in still on. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. I don't mind recasting like that, because every time I send another ball of pack out, I figure It is some more chum out there. After you get to know your water, you generally get to know a sweet spot and keep casting to that spot. Have a certain target, a tree or house or whatever on the other side that you aim at, so your rig goes out to the same small area each time. Those little plastic bait stops for the hairs were a pain for me when I started using hairs. I hated them. I tried a few things and finally came up with the idea of using grass. Cut the round grass (about a foot or so) that has the little one inch tassels on the top that are around half the diameter of a toothpick. Cut the tassel off and let them dry. Of course you can use them 'green' too. When baiting up just push the piece of grass through the hair, push the bait (corn) up against it, lightly hold the hair to keep a little pressure on the bait, pull the grass back to the edge of the corn, then snip the long end of the grass off against the corn with toenail/fingernail clippers. Simple, easy, and quick. Even with cold fingers. There's always a dozen or so stems of grass in my tackle box all the time. After a bit you'll get good at holding on to the long end of the grass when clipping it, because if you don't it will take off, never to be found again. And those toenail clippers are a handy item to always have along. They are a god-send for snipping tag ends off fishing line when tying knots or cutting line. For mono line anyway. 'Better have a sharp knife along for braid. Ken <:////><
  19. Is there an updated anglers list for this event?
  20. Swansea Steve

    Fairground fun

    Pleasant autumn morning up at the fairgrounds. Popped in to the swim by the west inlet as I hadn't tried there and my carpy brain ( such as it is) said they love an inlet. Nine nice commons of the usual double figure size to my usual oats pack with corn and/ or pineapple popups, with corn doing the better business. Plenty of fish showing all morning in the Bay area and just for once didn't bake in the heat 😎
  21. Nice mirror but all mirrors are nice, IMHO. Nice venue! Our problem in the Tennessee Valley is lakes are drawn down for winter flood control. This leaves either very shallow water or needing to go 100 yards through mud or silt to get to the water.
  22. Save your $$ Tony, LOL. I got this.
  23. Nanook

    Perfect morning

    Beautiful mirror! I wish my shorelines were so nice and level! I’ve got great rivers around here but you have to be a billy goat to get down the banks covered in rocks and brush.
  24. Swansea Steve

    Perfect morning

    Absolutely perfect Chatfield morning, autumnal taint to the air and not a soul about 😁 Gotta love these pretty mirras here, had 3 already this morning plus a few nice little commons.
  25. Add Tony Stout and Sydney Wade....both have paid registration
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